10 recommended documentaries for wine lovers

access_time 2019 · 03 · 14

Today we present a list of documentaries that we recommend seeing for those who want to learn more about the wine world.

1. American wine story is a 2014 documentary about enology enthusiasts who have taken their obsessions to the extreme, pursuing their dreams with a bottle in one hand and a corkscrew in the other. In my opinion, after this movie you can ask yourself where the passion ends and the obsession begins.

2. Blood into wine narrates the double life of James Keenan from the band Tool. It is a journey through the world of music and his other great passion: winemaking.

documentales vino 1

3. Boom varietal is an interesting documentary about the explosive popularity of Argentine Malbec. This film also explains how wine has become a force in South American pop culture. Very good, che.

4. Langhe doc follows three enologists and Italian chefs who are trying to stop the industrialization of their beloved hometown of Langhe. As in many parts of the world, the “guys” must fight against the “Goliaths” of globalization and try to protect their heritage and identity.

5. Merlove was made in 2008 as a response to the movie “Sideways.” I will not fall into a “spoiler”. Just will tell you that the film maintains that the Merlot, considered unsophisticated by a large part of the wine elite, here revalues ​​and acquires a new status. This documentary is an excellent guide on the differences between the varieties of wine and offers a deep vision of the internal workings of the industry.

6. Mondovino is a documentary that explores how globalization and international capitalism are affecting the art and craft of wine. Today wine is a global obsession, which not only speaks of an origin and identity, but also makes a political statement.

7. Red obsession is a fascinating documentary about the growing popularity of Bordeaux wines in China and how a gigantic market that just exploded could easily change the face of the industry.

documentales vino 2

8. Somm is a documentary that shows how some obsessed postulants prepare for the prestigious Master Sommelier exam. It is downright intense and even exhausting. Did you know that the only Master Sommelier in South America is Chilean? A great wine connoisseur and a wonderful person: Hector Vergara. Chapeau bas!

9. Sour grapes is about the market of fine and rare wines, focusing on a counterfeiter who became friends with the rich, famous and powerful, selling millions of dollars of fraudulent wine through the main auction houses.

10. Wine for the confused is a documentary presented by the British comedian and former Monty Python John Cleese, who travels through the Santa Bárbara vineyards. This movie works as a brilliant and graceful introduction to the world of wine. Ideal for beginners.



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