4 recommended Wine-themed board games

access_time 2017 · 09 · 20

Wine lovers know this: wine is part of their diet, but also an entertaining hobby. Today you can even buy wine games. Let’s see.

I admit that when I first saw them, I shouted: Eureka! It is very nice to be able to get together with a group of friends, relax and learn about wines. Until now my games were homemade and simple: to guess the name of a wine in a blind tasting; or guess the number of corks in a bowl; some quiz on strains and regions, etc. But recently I discovered traditional board games and some of them are really addictive.



Winerd (the wine nerd) is a tasting game developed to educate. Sounds great! The players offer 3 different bottles of red or white wines. The game begins with each player (or team) tasting the 3 wines and taking notes on the color, aroma and flavor of the wine, as well as noting its name, the harvest year and the region of origin.

At each turn, players draw a trivia letter with questions about wine. If the player responds correctly, he moves 1 space forward. Each player also has 3 bonus / challenge cards that can be played to double their movement or force another player to answer a question. If a player is challenged and responds incorrectly, the challenger moves 2 spaces. However, if he responds correctly, the challenged player moves 2 spaces.

Winerd - Amazon
Winerd – Amazon

Around the blackboard are 4 squares of blind tasting tests. When a player falls into one of these spots, another player secretly pours a glass of any of the 3 wines. The player who landed on the taste test must now name the selected wine, its grape and the region or country of origin. For each correct answer, he advances 1 space. In the final test, you must name the selected and poured wine. If you are correct, game over.

From my point of view, it is a wonderful idea to deepen your knowledge about wines, especially when you are just starting out with our education. But, on the other hand, more experienced tasters may feel that the questions are too easy. My advice: if you are a wine specialist, you can prepare cards with more difficult tasks.


Do you remember Monopoly, where we negotiate and buy houses and buildings among the players, where we play to become a King Midas of Real Estate? Hmm, it was “the” game of my childhood during the holidays. I always left my cousins ​​bankrupt. However, today I switched to Wine-Opoly, which combines the classic game with more than a touch of wine.

This board game requires players to purchase fine wines and deepen their knowledge about them. Players buy and sell their favorite wines. They must play with prudence, since when acquiring the wines they must pay the import taxes.

Wine-Opoly - Amazon
Wine-Opoly – Amazon

Wine-Opoly is a learning board game, which teaches players about wines, but also about trade secrets. Each title contains wine descriptors and interesting or fun facts. Caution: if you get the “underage” card, they will lock you in the hold and lose no less than 3 rounds.

Players choose one of the six pawns of the game (bottle of wine, cork, glass, cheese, grapes or pitcher) and move forward through the board. The game also includes money and white cards with questions and entertaining challenges. Throughout the game, you will learn how much a particular bottle of wine costs and how the business works, but, above all, you will have a good time. The humor splashes all the incidences of the game.

Murder Mystery: A Taste for Wine and Murder

It’s a mystery game: a California Wine Country tour where you can visit its vineyards and picturesque wineries. The annual wine tasting festival is in full swing, when the lifeless body of a local vineyard owner, Barry Underwood – not Frank from “House of Cards” relative – appears in the darkness of the cellar.

Murder Mystery: A Taste for Wine and Murder - Amazon
Murder Mystery: A Taste for Wine and Murder – Amazon

Barry has been missing for six long years, but with the discovery of his body reveals new clues that invite to solve the mystery. It has been murder and you can be the main suspect, along with funny characters like Otton von Schnapps, Marilyn Merlot, Tiny Bubbles, Ralph Rottingrape, Papa Vito and Hedy Shablee.

As the game progresses, you can plan the vintage party with recipes and pairings, as well as fill in notebooks with your suspects, which include your background and six secret clues.

Although the challenge is to solve a murder, wine always flies over the environment. To increase laughter, you have to be creative and do your part. For example, play with a table of cheeses and wines. You can even incorporate some local characters to the game, like a famous winemaker or sommelier. There are never enough murder suspects.

Wine Wars

It’s a fun trivia game, where players can demonstrate their knowledge about wines. Let the battle begin and answer questions in categories such as “Vine to Wine” (viticulture, wine production and world production), “Wine Cellar” (selecting, storing and tasting wine) and “Cork Culture” (sciences), and curious trivialities. It is perfect for those who start in the wine world, but challenging enough for the devout oenophile.

Wine Wars - Amazon
Wine Wars – Amazon

I invite you to try different sets of wine at home and to experiment. You will have a good time and, without a doubt, you will learn something new. I tell you: you never stop learning


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