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Francisca Jara 23/07/2020



5 gadgets to drink in style

From vintage coolers to bring your wines to a picnic, to bottle stoppers or the Olympic champions in wine glasses: Zalto. These are the accessories you must have to drink as the experts do.

  • Vintage Travel Wine Cooler
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Designed in 1980 by the Australian Richard Carlson, these stylish wine coolers are part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA). But the good news is that they are also on sale, becoming the most practical and essential piece of art to keep your wines well chilled every time you head to the beach, make a picnic or even when you plan to have a bbq at home.

They are made with plastic and have a removable frozen insert with water, that you can freeze  overnight, so the morning after its ready to use. You can choose from ten different colours and buy them through this website

  • Mako Bottle Stoppers 
Ph: Rabbit

Get yourself into the habit of closing your wine bottle after pouring a glass instead of leaving it open on the table, and your wine will keep fresh for longer. And if you put your cork in the bin, these bottle stoppers from the brand specialist in wine accessories, Rabbit, are an inexpensive and funny option. In three different vibrant colour palettes, they are made with stainless steel and covered in silicone to create a tight-seal stopper that keeps your wine fresh slowing down the oxidation process that occurs after opening a bottle. They come in set of two, are reusable and safe to clean in the dishwasher. The ideal gadget to have when you opened a bottle of Gran Reserva Serie Riberas Sauvignon Blanc 2018.

  • Zalto Glasses
Ph: Amazon & Zalfity

To spend US$60 on one crystal wine glass it might sound crazy, but those who have done it seem to rarely regret it. Wine experts says that having a glass of wine on a Zalto glass, made in Austria, is like touching the sky. In fact, the development of the Denk’Art series was influenced by the tilt angles of Earth: 24 °, 48 ° and 72 °, that gave the origin to the curve of the bowls. All this because the ancient Romans discovered that if they used this angles on their supply repositories, that produce stayed fresh for a longer time, and that it also showed to improve taste.

The award-winning Zalto wine glasses are elegant, with a delicate stem, exceptionally light to lift but very sturdy at the same time. Their designs go from water until sparkling, white wines and red glasses until decanters. You can buy them individually or in boxes of six. Probably the most fine and sophisticated glasses around the market today.

  • Geometric Crystal Decanter
Ph: Uberstar

Because wines have been months or even years inside a bottle, it’s why they need to be open, relax and get a bit of fresh air. That’s precisely what decanters do, those containers where you can pour a whole bottle of wine before drinking it. For how long? It depends. But you can taste it after half an hour and see. When wines are kept aging for long periods of time, their flavours are more likely to be irregular and unbalanced. So have a decanter with you will always be helpful to add some oxygen to it. Like this beautiful piece of crystal with a geometric shape, that allows the light to pass through your wine in multiple angles, creating a ruby-coloured light show on the table. Decanters work specially well on full-bodied red wines as Gran Reserva Serie Riberas Syrah 2018.

  • WT 110 Waiter’s Corkscrew 
Ph: Amazon

A must have basic for any wine lover is the waiter’s corkscrew. The same that is used by sommeliers and waiters in restaurants, because is fast, light and small. That’s why its usually incorporated to the Swiss Army knife too. You can carry it everywhere and forget about broken corks. This WT-110 model of Le Creuset got an upgrade to the stainless steel piece adding a gorgeous wooden handle to it, delivering an elegant and classic corkscrew. It has a small knife to cut the foil around the cork and comes in a beautiful wooden box becoming the ideal gift to someone that enjoys having a good glass of wine.