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Concha y Toro 03/11/2014

6 Free Apps For Wine Lovers



Within the huge range of applications for smartphones and tablets, we found some very helpful ones for those who enjoy wine tasting and discovering.

Are you in the supermarket and do not know what wine to choose from such a large variety? You don’t trust the label and are looking for an expert or a friend’s recommendation? Did you just discover a wonderful wine and want to share your experience with people who can appreciate it? Or you just want to learn about wine in a fun and easy way?

If you feel identified with any of these questions, technology can help you. Currently there are several free apps for smartphones and tablets for those of us who like wine that make our life easier.

Below is a small selection of free apps available for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android:




Vivino is an app that works like a wine social network. Here you can share your experiences and discover new ones through recommendations from friends.

Also, the application uses Foursquare to suggest where you can have a good glass of wine near your location.


Wine Clr

Wine Clr


It is a Chilean application that helps you choose the right wine according to your taste or geographical location, which, with the help of the GPS in your device, provides recommendations nearby, such as restaurants, wine shops, etc.

You can also evaluate and share your wine experience, as well as read those of others. A collaborative app that will surely help you choose the right wine.




One of the most used apps in the world of wine. It has extensive database generated by the users sharing information. It also features image recognition technology, allowing to search for a wine using pictures and different filters (country, price, winery, etc…)

It is possible to build a “virtual wine cellar” or create a “wish list”. It also recommends nearby places using GPS.


Wine Notes

Wine NotesWeb: (solo iOS)

A simple application for creating, storing and sharing tasting notes. By filling an intuitive questionnaire and adding a photo, you can prepare a complete report of the wine that you just enjoyed.

With simple and practical design, you can keep detailed inventory of your wine cellar. And while it is only for iOS, there are several similar alternatives in Google Play.


Hello Vino



It is a very popular application. After asking a few questions about your taste and the situation you are in, Hello Vino will recommend a suitable wine from its extensive database.

It will show the wine’s full file, including its origin, vintage, approximate price, and also suggest pairing ideas.



Wine Spectator

Wine Spectator AppWeb:

It is the official application of the prestigious magazine Wine Spectator. In its free version it offers a number of different articles related to wine in the world, instructional documents and videos that will certainly help to improve your performance as an amateur taster.

By accessing the paid version, you will be able to search and see in detail all the accolades and reviews that are regularly published in the magazine.


Wine Expert

Wine Expert MCCWeb:

Wine Expert is the official application of Marques de Casa Concha. Here you will find a complete encyclopedia with information on winemaking, grape varieties, wine pairing, service and more. You will also find nearby places to your location where you can purchase Marques de Casa Concha.

It also features a fun trivia game with which you can measure your level of knowledge and compare it with your friends.