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Ania Smolec 24/04/2015

7 tips for choosing wine at the supermarket


Walking down the wine section at the supermarket, you can find bottles of different prices, regions and strains. It is very easy to get lost! But with our advice you can choose the perfect wine for every consumption occasion.

What wines can be found in a supermarket?

Wine Shop 3You can buy your favorite wine in a liquor store, wine store, online sites, even directly from some producers, as in the Wine Shop of Concha y Toro in Pirque.
But really, we usually buy our wines at supermarkets. That is why it’s very important to know the offer of your supermarket and your consumption occasion. There you can find wines for your everyday menu and for special or festive occasions. But usually for iconic wines, wines for aging or from some old vintages look in the stores with a greater degree of specialization.
The price level of the wines available in supermarkets ranging from varietal wines as Frontera to premium wines such as Casillero del Diablo or Trio. In some specialized supermarkets, within gourmet products offer, you can also find super premium wines like the Marques de Casa Concha line.

How are wines organized in your supermarket?

Vino góndola supermercado Stop for a minute to figure out where your favorite wines are placed. The wines in supermarket aisles are organized in several ways. Sometimes wines are grouped by the name of the producer, in other occasions by style or region, but most of the times per variety. That means Casillero del Diablo Shiraz Rosé, for example, may be among the rosé wines or among Shiraz. It is always best to research a bit before getting lost in this forest of offers.

For what type of meal or occasion do you need the wine?

httpwww.theivorycompany.comYou may have noticed that most of the time the wine labels recommend food or serving dishes with them. The usual practice is to have in mind a meal and then choose the appropriate wine for the occasion. In few words, if faced with the decision of which wine to put in your basket, please consider the protein of your plate first, then the cooking method and the predominant condiments of your recipe. We invite you to review our texts on wine and food pairings. We assure you that they can serve as inspiration.

Learn a little bit about wine

179740_526833424031362_262241597_nIf you love wine and enjoy their different styles, we recommend you to learn a little on the subject on websites, blogs or wine guides. Do not panic with the very specialized vocabulary. Each source is valuable. You can also download an app for your phone that supports you in your buying decision and keeps track of what kind of wines you like. The Concha y Toro website offers many tips and themes to move you into the wine world. Start writing in a notebook all your observations about the wines you’ve tasted. It is the safer and quickest way to set your preferences and end up choosing a wine like a pro.

Read the label

MCC CarmenereThe label delivers much useful information about wine. First, note the strain or strains that comprise the wine blend. The strain speaks of a certain style and aromas you can expect. For example, if there is a Sauvignon Blanc, we find notes of citrus, green apple and fresh herbs. If wine is a Pinot Grigio, surely appear aromas of apricots, tropical fruits and even notes of white flowers.
Also the name of the vineyard or region shows us what kind of wine is bottled. The Casablanca Valley, for example, is located close to the sea and its wines reflect marine notes and salt, as Amelia Chardonnay. On the other hand, Terrunyo Cabernet Sauvignon comes from vineyards in Pirque in the Maipo Valley, and this wine shows the influence of the rocky soil and climate with wide temperature range of the Andes Mountains.
Other important information is the level of alcohol, which is associated with the body of the wine. If the wine is between 11.5° and 12° alcohol means it is a light-bodied wine; if it is 12º to 14º is a medium-bodied wine; and if you have more than 14º is a full-bodied wine.

Look at the vintage

Don-Melchor-2010Look closely at the vintage. There are no two identical seasons. Each vineyard has its constant parameters such as geographical location and soil type, but changes in temperature, rainfall, number of days with sun, frost and wind which affect the quality of the grapes during harvest and finally the wine.
 Most wines in supermarkets are for immediate enjoyment. You want to drink them young and fresh. In many supermarkets, wines stand out on the shelves until they are sold. You can find several vintages of the same wine standing next to each other. Sometimes you can find great vintages of old bottles that are true treasures for the same price.
I invite you to experience and buy different vintages of the same wine. Imagine the fun. A simple dinner party could become a vertical tasting.

Play, try, and vary

tomando vinoJust get out of your comfort zone and try various wines. A different wine for each night, why not? Think on your menu. We always strive to get something a little different for dinner, even if we eat chicken: roast chicken, cold chicken salad or chicken arvejado (Chilean recipe with carrots and green peas). Wine can help each meal to be different and a bit special.

I’m sure you’re familiar with international varieties such as Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon, but sometimes try something new as Frontera Specialties País, a medium-bodied red wine with intensive red fruit aromas.

Some supermarkets take the issue seriously and offer great selections of wines and an excellent expert’s service. From now on observe and follow your preferences and instinct. Go through the wine section feeling like a pro.