8 Terrace wines

access_time 2019 · 02 · 08

What does “terrace wine” mean? For some of you, it must be synonymous with freshness. For others, a versatile wine for different types of food. For me, simply, it is the wine that we want to drink. Now I explain my theory.

In my opinion all styles can fulfill the role of terrace wine. Everything depends on our preferences and, of course, on the daily temperatures: more complex wines for cooler days or a romantic sunset, or, lighter and more vibrant wines for warm days. Today I want to present the wine styles suitable for each occasion, accompanied by simple and rich snacks, tables and dishes.

1. Sparkling wine

A classic of terraces and pool parties. It is light and fresh, with those refreshing bubbles that tickle our palate. Imagine Casillero del Diablo Devil’s Collection Brut for a warm day or a date at sunset. Perfect with fresh oysters or veggie tempura of different vegetables.

Ostras de Calbuco

2. Light bodied white

The most usual is to choose a classic such as Casillero del Diablo Sauvignon Blanc: a light body wine, very citrus and fresh. In Chile, you can never miss Sauvignon Blanc with a delicious ceviche. A summer party.

3. Complex white

In this category are Chardonnay, Viognier and some white blends. Even certain Sauvignon Blancs fermented in barrels, which have equal or more weight than some Chardonnays. Think of terrines, hams, smoked salmon, but especially in cheese boards.

Queso de cabra Marques Chardonnay

4. Rosé

Yes, you know I’m a fan of this category, but be careful. There is everything in the vineyard of the Lord. From very light to more structured rosés. Casillero del Diablo Rosé has a perfect balance between power and freshness. Try it with light and elegant snacks, such as mozzarella balls skewers with cherry tomatoes and basil, or ham platter with tasty mini blood sausages. My favorite for the pool is a rosé with a few crunchy nachos and guacamole.

5. Light bodied red

A great example is Casillero del Diablo Pinot Noir, but in this category are also other reds, especially from cold or coastal climate. Also, from Mediterranean strains like Cinsault. These are very versatile and fresh, perfect with classic or California rolls, roast beef and other cold meats like baked turkey slices. But I invite you to innovate. On my terrace there will always be traditional hummus, hummus of roasted paprika and carrot, hummus with dehydrated tomato and bouquets of different fresh herbs. Yes, you noticed. The hummus drives me crazy.

charcuteria embutidos

6. Medium bodied red

In this style we find strains such as Carmenere, Merlot or Malbec. If you want to sit on the terrace and talk freely, prepare a pizza with pepperoni or mini hamburgers. The other “must” of the terrace is the barbecue. Don’t hesitate. Also, could be an improvised grill. I’m fascinated by grilled beef skirt steak with its crunchy exterior and that juicy interior that makes us salivate. Cut it into bites on a board so your guests can snack. With chimichurri. No needs to ask for more with this pairing.

7. Full bodied red

A Cabernet Sauvignon is not perhaps a wine that connects us with the terrace, unless we are in Scandinavia, Canada or Russia. However, there are fresh days where a complex red wine cannot be missed. If you do not have time to grill, you can prepare some simple and tasty recipes like tapenade (black olive paste), mature cheeses, or, cheese with dried plums and bacon, baked for a couple of minutes.

8. Sweet wine

No, I do not invite you to a five o’clock with tea and cookies. We’re talking about terrace, savory and very defined flavors. I do not know if you will believe me, but this year I have welcomed 2019 with a table specially designed for a sweet wine: variety of blue cheeses, different types of pâté and foie gras, fig jam and baguette. Nothing can be better that the contrast of sweet and savory.

Quesos azules Late Harvest


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