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Ania Smolec 10/05/2018

9 gourmet gift ideas for Mother’s Day


On this special day, we all want to thank our moms for all the love, sacrifice, patience and affection. There are moms who will be happy to receive a book, others prefer clothes or cosmetics, but also many of them would love a gourmet gift. Here come some ideas!

Giving a rich wine with a gourmet ingredient sometimes is worth more than many words. During our lives moms cook us and prepare delicious dishes, so why not fill their hearts with delicious aromas and flavors?

Like Channel No. 5, pearls or black dresses, wine never goes out of fashion. It is always an elegant gift. In addition, a bottle of wine allows us to share and enjoy a good time. We can surprise our mom with a new wine or a classic, but the most important thing is to choose a bottle that reflects her taste.

1. Sparkling wine + fresh goat cheese + special glasses for wine with bubbles: If your mom has a refined taste or is a romantic, delicate and very feminine person, give her a light and fresh combination like spring or a barefoot walk on the grass. Choose Casillero del Diablo Devil’s Collection Brut and add a fresh goat cheese, ricotta or the famous French Picandou. Also, take advantage of this opportunity and give your mom a set of flute-shaped glasses, especially for a fine sparkling wine.

2. Sparkling + caviar + cooler: If your mother likes quality, classic or luxury things, she will surely love a bottle of Subercaseaux Grande Cuvée, a fine, fresh and complex sparkling wine, with lustful bubbles. Also, add a caviar can. It is the favorite pairing of stars, kings and artists. Be careful, the wine should be stored at the correct temperature. We do not want your mom to get up every time to fill the glasses. That’s why we recommend adding a nice cooler. It can be made of steel or maybe of the most romantic terracotta.Tabla quesos vino blanco

3. Chardonnay + cheese board + knife set: If your mom has many friends and likes to celebrate life, surely she will love a cheese board (from different origins, types of milk, ages, etc.) and a wine that harmonizes well with almost everything: Casillero del Diablo Chardonnay. I remind you that sometimes cheeses ask for particular wines. For example, a blue cheese and a sweet wine, but most of them really work perfectly with a classic Chardonnay. A good cheese board is synonymous with sharing and having fun with friends. Add a set of those special little knives. They not only look beautiful on the table, but they are very useful to cut the different textures of the cheeses.

4. Rosé + gravlax + a fish shaped dish: If your mom likes adventure, to discover the world, to open up to new cuisines and flavors, surprise her with a homemade gravlax, prepared especially for her, and with the perfect companion: Casillero del Diablo Rosé. Gravlax is a Swedish recipe for a marinated salmon. It’s very simple: dill + salt + black pepper + sugar (for 1 kg of fish is needed 500 gr of this mixture). You have to cover the pieces of fish with the mixture, wrap them in a mesh and press them for as long as possible, until they are well marinated and thin. For the presentation, I recommend one of those beautiful steel plates in the shape of a fish. A gourmet and stylized gift.

5. Late harvest + foie gras + wine and food book: If your mother has a sweet tooth, but also takes care of her line, give her an elegant sweet wine like Concha y Toro Late Harvest and a can of foie gras. Yes, yes, that high fat paté is part of the French paradox, so do not be alarmed by the pounds. Inspire her, in addition, with other fine and healthy pairings, adding a book with easy and tasty recipes.
Pasta Casillero Merlot

6. Merlot + homemade Italian sauce + glass markers: If your mother loves to share with her children and relatives and bringing them all together, show her that you value her. Prepare a homemade tomato sauce with your own hands (for ragout, pasta, pizza, etc.). In addition, choose a very juicy wine as Casillero del Diablo Merlot and some amusing cup markers, so that your family members  won’t get confused and can make a toast with their own glasses.

7. Shiraz + prosciutto + charm for bracelet: If your mom is a wine fan, I recommend you to give her a strain that seduces wine lovers today. I’m thinking about Casillero del Diablo Shiraz, accompanied by an equally refined sandwich: a prosciutto-style raw ham. Oh, and do not forget a charm which represent grapes cluster or a wine glass to hang on the bracelet or purse. They are really very cool.

8. Pinot Noir + tapenade + burgundy leather accessory: If your mom likes to travel, give her a very French couple: Pinot Noir and tapenade. I recommend Casillero del Diablo Pinot Noir and prepare your own tapenade. Remember: you just have to make a paste with black olives, garlic, anchovies, capers, olive and lemon juice.Don Melchor 2010 regalo

9. A red icon + chocolate + decanter: All moms, without exception, will be delighted with this gift: an icon wine like Don Melchor and a fine bitter chocolate (from 80% cocoa up). A tip: choose an old vintage. So, you can find in the wine those fine aromas of cocoa. Oh, I almost forgot. You need to add a decanter so that the wine breathes and shows your mother the best of itself.