Concha y Toro

Ania Smolec 08/06/2018

A pact with the extraordinary


Diablo? 666? No, do not worry. I just want to introduce you a new wine from the Casillero del Diablo family and the possible pairings with this mysterious red blend.

Whether the Devil exists or not is a topic for philosophers and theologians. In daily life you meet people who believe in the personification or the archetype of evil and other who does not. But in all cultures and religions there is awareness that in nature the forces are balanced and as there is good and bright, there is also evil and dark.

Why a so strong name for a wine? Hmm, you know about the legend of Casillero del Diablo. More than 130 years ago, the founder of Concha y Toro, Don Melchor de Casa Concha, had a private cellar where he reserved a small batch of the best wines produced in the Pirque vineyards. However, very soon he realized that several of his bottles began to disappear. Don Melchor, an intelligent and creative man, spread the rumor that “the Devil” lived in his cellar. Never again disappeared a single bottle of wine..

This new wine is very mysterious. The little we know is that it comes from Maule and the 2015 harvest is already available. I can also tell you that it is a red blend of noble strains, but the exact percentages of its components are a sweet secret from its winemaker Héctor Urzúa.

Diablo 1

The other enigmatic aspect of this wine is its 666, known as the number  of the Beast. In this case, it refers to the aging time in French and American oak barrels: 6 months, 6 weeks and 6 days. For all of you, who are afraid of this number, I have a totally opposite explanation offered by numerology. 666 is a compilation of the attributes of energies of number 6, which includes honesty, integrity, humanity, service, balance, idealism, altruism, caring, curiosity, deep love for home and family, generosity, agriculture, art, grace and commitment.

This convinces me even more, because with each drop you feel that the wine expresses faithfully those alluvial soils, the south wind and the sun rays that temper the hills of the vineyard. In addition, it represents the work in the winery, which is the art of gathering different strains to create a symphony of aromas and flavors.

In the glass, you will observe an intense red color, almost black. The wine shines and invites you to taste it with all the senses. In popular culture, there is a connection between devilishness and sensuality. I think that is the best explanation for the name of the wine, because from the nose to the mouth this wine is very seductive.

The aromas that can be found are a rich cocktail of red and black fruits, such as sweet strawberry, ripe cherry, blackcurrant and plum. In addition, other aromas like chocolate, coffee bean, spices, black pepper and vanilla arrive to our senses. In the mouth, it is presented with the intensity of its fruits, with sweetness and juiciness, as if we were chewing freshly harvested berries. Also, it is silky and balanced. That makes a good wine to accompany meals.

Diablo 2

It is a special wine for carnivores, who like slow cooked meat (I count myself among  them) and the most dramatic barbecue fans. It is perfect for a long and festive roast, where you start with choripanes (bread and sausage) and grilled blood sausages, followed with an entraña (skirt steak) with pebre and caramelized lamb ribs, until the grand finale with a juicy veined loin with its crunchy crust.

However, I also have good news for vegetarians: this wine will enchant you if you combine it with any recipe that includes eggplants, mushrooms and black or red beans, or a combination of all of them.

Sometimes, talking about pungent food, such as Mexican chili or Indian rogan josh, many people tell me that they understand why sweet wines get along so well with spicy flavors. But it is not their thing. They prefer to suffer with a red that emphasizes the alcohol than choosing a semi sweet white. I also understand those people and I have great news for them. Diablo satisfies all the criteria for a pairing with dishes that are hot: it is a red that accompanies perfectly animal protein. It also has spicy notes. It is not too corpulent or alcoholic, and its slightly chocolaty character will mitigate the effect of hot pepper and the spices of the dishes.

It is a wine to enjoy life without guilt.