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Ania Smolec 04/11/2015

Aging wines at home


Special caves, fridges, are they really necessary to storage and age wine? They are an excellent solution especially to store a bottle of noble wine such as Don Melchor, and keep it in the optimal conditions. However, in your home you can improvise and keep your wines for long time in a good shape without any particular equipment.

The first rule and the most important one, is to always storage the bottles  in a horizontal position, in oder to not letting the cork be dry. The dark green color glass protects the wine from the sunlight, but it is best to keep  wines in a dark place. The most wanted temperature is less that 20°C, and close to 15°C.

If you have wine which you wish to keep for decades like 20 years, try to not move it too often. The wine predisposed to the aging has to be made from high quality grape varieties and has to come from excellent vineyards, where the soil and climatic conditions multiply its potential.

In your private cellar -or the place which serves you to storage the wines- don’t ever  keep at the same time “aromatic” products like: chemicals or vegetables, especially onions and potatoes. The cork absorbs the aromas from outside of the bottle and transfers them to the wine.

And the most important thing! Always be gentle with your old vintage wine, with keeping it and then with opening it. Think about the noble wine which you aged as a jewel and always treat it that way.