Amelia is named Chile's best white wine

With outstanding 97 points, Amelia Chardonnay 2018 was crowned best white and best chardonnay from Chile in the Descorchados specialized wine guide, while Amelia Pinot Noir 2018 obtained extraordinary 95 points.

The renovated Amelia line made an extraordinary debut in the 2020 version of the guide Descorchados, prepared every year by the respected wine journalist, Patricio Tapia.

After a tasting of over 1,900 wines from around the country, Amelia was named the best White Wine and best Chardonnay in Chile, and its 2018 vintage was awarded an extraordinary 97 points. Meanwhile, Amelia Pinot Noir 2018 was also recognized with an impressive 95 points and made the list of best Pinot Noirs from Chile and best wines from the Limarí Valley.

By moving its origin to the Limarí Valley and adding Pinot Noir to the collection, Amelia looks to express the unique natures of this terroir for the production of high-end wines.


Both varietals, with origin in the Quebrada Seca vineyard, are influenced by the proximity of the Pacific Ocean and a climate marked by cloudy mornings, sunny afternoons, low temperatures and abundant sunlight. The high concentration of calcium carbonate its soil make for a Chardonnay that displays multiple aromatic layers, an excellent combination of structure and minerality and an attractive salinity in its long-lasting, fresh finish. On the other hand, Amelia Pinot Noir has a great structure, balanced acidity and a touch of salinity that only the Limaí Valley can afford.


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