An Extraordinary 2018 Vintage for Concha y Toro

By: Maria Suarez Lago

Periodista de Concha y Toro

access_time 2019 · 12 · 02

What makes a vintage “extraordinary”? 

It’s not enough to have cutting-edge technology and a great winemaking team. There is one factor which cannot be controlled, and that is the weather. A rainy winter, together with a dry, sunny spring which was slightly cooler than usual, a summer with warm days and cool nights, and an autumn with excellent conditions enabled last year’s harvest to give rise to an Extraordinary 2018 Vintage.  

Due to the excellent weather conditions, the wines from this year are characterized by their explosion of aromas, with great floral and fruit expression, in addition to their structure and base. 

And we can’t talk about this great vintage without mentioning the Gran Reserva Serie Riberas 2018 line, which, without doubt, is a must-try. These premium wines, whose vineyards are located along the banks of the Rapel, Cachapoal, Tinguiririca, Loncomilla and Maule rivers, in addition to making the most of the excellent weather factors which came together, also received the benefits from their location in river basins, with cooler temperatures which enabled better maturation of the grapes. Favorites of international critics, these wines stand out for their high scores, and are ideal for pairing with all sorts of dishes.

My special recommendation, although it’s a highly personal choice as all of the wines in the Serie Riberas line are very good, is the Carmenere 2018, which has a silky mouthfeel with a long finish, and presents a world of flavors. Pair it with a platter of mature cheeses, you won’t regret it!

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