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Ania Smolec 13/09/2018

Buying a case of wine: Is it really worth it?

A whole case of wine, mysterious, full of surprises, not only translates into savings, but also allows us to satisfy a series of situations often unexpected.


A whole case of wine, mysterious, full of surprises, not only translates into savings, but also allows us to satisfy a series of situations often unexpected. Today: why and how buying one.

A case can be 6 or 12 bottles of wine. It is the standard number when we buy directly from a winery. Naturally, if we are shopping at a wine store, the box can theoretically have more or less bottles. In addition, it can be a case with different wines or vintages. But, today, I want us to concentrate on a box of the same wine.

As I mentioned, a good source of purchase is directly from the winery. Your second choice is the supermarket, especially if your favorite wine is on sale. A third alternative is a specialized or online store. There are also several clubs that periodically send exclusive wine boxes.

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Someone could say: why a case if I can buy a different bottle each time? First, there is an economic consideration. Usually, we get a discount for the purchase of a box or a larger number of bottles. If you buy a daily, moderate price wines, maybe the discount does not feel too much. But when buying a more ambitious, Premium or icon wine, I assure you that your eyes will shine with happiness for the good business you did.

In the case of an icon wine, a wonderful harvest or a limited line, that purchase can be an excellent investment. After a couple of years, you can sell those wines at a higher price to collectors or wine lovers. You can even share the expense between friends so that the investment is not so onerous.

A great argument to buy a case of the same wine is the subject of bottle aging. When there is a wine you particularly like, it is a real adventure to uncork it when it is young, then after a year, and then five or even ten years later. The purchase of a box allows you to discover the changing nature of a wine.

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There are several daily situations that absolutely speak in favor of buying a box of wine:

  1. A bottle is corked and your guests will arrive in a few minutes more. No problem. Put a new bottle to cool.
  2. You will always have a good gift on hand for an unexpected situation. A bottle of wine is a super versatile gift for people of different ages, professions and hobbies.
  3. Those unfailing friends those arrive to your place without warning. While you prepare something quick to eat, you can immediately offer them a glass of wine. Also, remember, there are many holidays during the year and most stores are closed. In those days a case saves our lives.
  4. You are educating yourselves in the subject of wines, you try a lot and make comparative tastings. In this case, you need several bottles of the same wine.
  5. If you like to drink a little bit of wine every day with your dinner, it is definitely cheaper. I remind you that a glass of wine a day, especially red, is beneficial for our health because of its antioxidant content.
  6. Finally, if you organize a party, wine cases are much more convenient. Calculate half a bottle per person and do not forget that your guests shouldn’t drive back home, so that they enjoy the wine and arrive safe and sound.