Celebrity-made Wines

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To make our own wine we must study its process and dedicate years of effort. We need also a lot of patience, passion and resources! The other alternative is to become a celebrity. Today many stars have their own vineyards, not looking for more fame, but for a new status and, above all, contact with the land.

Looking for an arcadia

When we travel around the world, we can eat in many restaurants and taste several wines. At some point, our taste is defined. It is clear to us which regions and wines are our favorites. A famous Englishman and his wife fell in love with Tuscany. Of course, it is the opposite of London with its gray and wet days. 45 minutes away from Florence, Sting and his wife Trudie Styler established their winery.

The concept of their wines is related to a healthy lifestyle, linked to their vegetarian style and peppered with Eastern philosophy. From an old vineyard with a sixteenth-century villa, their biodynamic wines are made, with names as musical as Sting´s own songs “Sister Moon” or “When we dance”.

Vino y música
Sting´s wines are inspired by his own songs

Jon Bon Jovi, born and raised in New Jersey, probably has a love for wine in his genes, due to his Italian origin. But no. The rock star did not choose the country of his ancestors, but committed the sacrilege of going to France. With his son Jessie, he produced a rosé wine in Languidecía. It is a mixture of Garnacha, Cinsault and Mourvèdre. Jon wanted to call it simply “a pink juice,” but his son’s voice sounded louder. Finally, the wine was called “Diving in the Hampton Water”.

Both are very keen on making a wine that encapsulates their relaxed lifestyle. They tasted rosé wines from all over the world before settling in the south of France. They met the French winemaker Gérard Betrandt and immediately knew that he was the man. “We discovered that we shared a love for family, food, friends, good wine and excellent music,” said Bon Jovi. “Creating this wine with Gérard was as creative as collaborating with another composer. Gérard uses his talents and knowledge of wine as a talented musician”, he added.

Viñedo Francia
Bon Jovi chose France´s terroir for winemaking

I stay where my roots are

Most celebrities, however, prefer to stay in their own region. Do you remember the series “Beverly Hills 90210” and the famous Brandon, played by the Canadian actor Jason Priestley? At least, those of my generation will remember it for sure. Well, he produces wines of his favorite style – Bordeaux blend – in British Columbia. A red wine as cool as his character.

Andrea Pirlo, one of the best Italian soccer players in history – at least in my opinion as a soccer “expert”- produces wines in the same Coller village where his father comes from, where he bought a vineyard in 2007. Antonio Banderas, on the other hand, owns a vineyard in the Spanish region Ribera del Duero. In an interview for Wine Enthusiast, the actor said; “Making wine is creating art.”

Another movie star is also an enthusiastic viticulturist. I´m talking about the New Zealander actor Sam Neill. He began his adventure in 1993 and today he is obsessed with the Pinot Noir strain. He is not only the owner of the vineyard but he is dedicated to the work in the land and the cellar. He has even won many awards for his wines, probably more than in his acting career. “I wanted to produce a good Pinot Noir that, at least, could be enjoyed by my family and friends,” he said in an interview.

So, if you had some extra money, which corner of the world would you choose to produce your own wine? What style would it be? What strains would you select? In my case, I would choose Chile. My native Poland is cold, too cold to make the wines I like.





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