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Ania Smolec 17/11/2016

Choosing wine for a wedding


During the preparations of a wedding, each couple must face several decisions. A very important issue is what and how many wines to buy for the wedding party. I invite you to say yes to these tips.

It is an unforgettable day. The bride and groom are very excited and they want everything to be perfect. Naturally it would be impossible to have a suitable wine for each snack or taste of each guest. So follow carefully these suggestions:

What kind of wines should you choose?

1. Food

It is impossible to choose the wines without knowing what dishes will be offered to the guests. If you decide to serve a meat dish, look among red wines and if your main dish is fish, go for some white wines.

Your perfect wine has to be versatile with food pairings. For example, Casillero del Diablo Chardonnay  is a medium bodied white wine, and thanks to its barrel aging, has a rich texture, but without losing its exquisite freshness. It is an ideal matching for a menu designed for a white wine. In general terms, try to find wines of medium body. It is a wise decision. You will not only leave lovers of freshness and / or tannins happy, but also this allows to harmonize with many kinds of dishes, from sandwiches to funds. It is a marriage for convenience.

Vino matrimonio2. Style of the wedding

You can organize your wedding in a restaurant, hotel or function room, but also set up a tent in the garden of a house, in the country or the beach. The style of the party can be formal or informal.

My advice is: if you decide to organize a party in a hotel, restaurant or event center (any great nineteenth century mansion?), think of red wines, because they have a more elegant, serious and intellectual dimension, as Casillero del Diablo Leyenda.

If you prepare your party in the garden and allow your friends and family to dress in a more casual or bohemian way, I recommend you to choose wines like Casillero Diablo Rosé, which is joyful, spontaneous and perfect for various types of dishes.

3. Season of the year

In winter people prefer more tannins and body to warm up the night. Offer a red wine with a good body, but with rich acidity, as Casillero del Diablo Cabernet Sauvignon.

If your wedding takes place in summer, choose fresh wines such as Casillero del Diablo Sauvignon Blanc.

How many bottles should you buy?

First of all, you have to think about the duration of the wedding. If it’s just a lunch, which will last for a couple of hours, you can calculate half bottle per guest, but if the party will last until the next morning, you’d better secure yourself with 2 bottles.

That number works only if wine is the only type of alcohol. But if you will also offer beer and / or cocktails, calculate just one bottle per person. Be sure, though, that your friends and family don’t drive back. Hire taxis, vans or buses to let them arrive home safely.

brindis espumante matrimonio

The toast

We cannot imagine a wedding without a toast to the good and long life of the newlyweds. And there is no better way to provide it than with a delicious sparkling wine.

For most guests this style of wine is only used for the toast or to share the first few bites, such as oysters and ceviches, but then your guests must continue with calm and dry wines. You won’r need a great amount of bottles

A bottle of sparkling it is enough for 6 or 8 people; depending on how the waiters serve it (the protocol indicates a ¾ of the flute type glass). That number must be multiplied by the number of guests.


The price issue of the wedding wine depends solely on your budget. You can buy some more expensive and fine wine, but notice that the wedding party is not about food and wine. Nobody will rehearse the steps of tasting and take notes.

People want to have fun with friends, dance, sing and laugh. Have a good time! Then the good wine has to be moderately priced, medium bodied with good acidity, nice and easy to understand. It has to be a rich wine with an excellent price / quality as Casillero del Diablo Devil’s Collection Red.

Vintage of the wine

When choosing wines for a wedding, I recommend you to think of freshness and fruity notes. If white, it means that you should buy the most recent vintage in the market. If it is red, it can be a wine from the latest vintage, or up to 2 or 3 years of cellaring. Unless your guests are scholars and wine lovers and you want to organize for them a specially designed menu to harmonize with different strains and vintages.

mesa matrimonio copas

Where to buy?

Before buying wine, it is better to find out the prices in shops and supermarkets, in addition to verifying the salesrooms of the wineries.

You can often find a special offers or promotion of some wine lines. Do not forget to bargain and ask for a discount for the volume of bottles. In order there is no guile.


For the wedding party you will only need three glasses: a flute for sparkling wine, and two classic wine cups: a medium size for whites and a large one for reds.

I also recommend you to hire sommeliers to be in charge of the proper wine service. They will check for example that the wine has no defects, and that it is served at an adequate temperature. Defects and wrong temperature can ruin the food.

A wine for the newlyweds…

And finally a wine can be the perfect gift for the couple. It may be a wine from top lines or even an icon that reflects the best of the strain and terroir, like the fabulous Don Melchor Cabernet Sauvignon.

This type of wine is a very elegant gift. Also it has a very important aging potential and can be kept to uncork it during future anniversaries of the couple. If your budget allows you, I recommend you to buy a box of six bottles thus they can uncork one bottle every five years until their Pearl wedding anniversary. What better!

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