Concha y Toro

Ania Smolec 30/05/2016

Concha y Toro Cellar and Winery Tour: What can we learn during the visit to the vineyard?

I invite you to visit the Concha y Toro Cellar and Winery and follow my tips to make the most of your visit.


I invite you to visit the Concha y Toro Cellar and Winery and follow my tips to make the most of your visit.

The Concha y Toro Cellar and Winery in Pirque is located only a few kilometers from Santiago. It is one of the few vineyards in the world that offers such a complete and entertaining experience for wine lovers. Perhaps for many of you it is a day of relaxation and a nice walk, but I assure you that you will learn more than you can imagine.

History lesson

The heart of the vineyard in Pirque is the Casona, a colonial-style manor house with Italian accents, surrounded by the oldest vineyards of Maipo Alto. Here starts the history of Concha y Toro, when, the founder of the winery Melchor de Concha y Toro planted the first vines more than 130 years ago. Our tour guides will explain you all the milestones and anecdotes of this story. Knowing Don Melchor and his vision, you will not only know the origins of Concha y Toro, but also of the Chilean wine industry.

Casona Pirque

The place where wine is born

Before moving to the bottle, the wine has to go through several steps. This trip begins in the vineyard. Agronomists know each plant and sometimes literally each leaf. By seeing the vines in their natural environment, we can understand where they come from, its characteristics and aromas. For example, from the vineyards in Pirque, specifically from the stony soil of the Block 22, comes Casillero del Diablo Leyenda Cabernet Sauvignon. It is an elegant and complex wine. And it is a faithful interpretation of the strain marked by the soils of the Maipo River and the Andes. Remember that the climate and geological conditions are key for getting a top quality wine.

Concha y Toro Cellar and Winery not only invites you to visit its wonderful landscapes but also has a Garden of Varieties. In our blog we present you the different strains, their aromatic profiles and qualities. What could be more educational that to see all strains grow together in one place! There you can compare their leaves and grapes, its colors, such as intense carmine Carmenere leaves, their different backgrounds and styles of wine that fruit can give.

Jardin de variedades

How is wine made?

After harvesting, the grapes are transported to the cellar, where the yeasts transform musts into wine. Just imagine all the work of nature and the scientific knowledge of winemakers. In the Casillero del Diablo, you will discover from the first hand the legend and mystery that holds the winery of Pirque, but you will also see and smell the aroma of the wine kept in barrels.


A test to the senses

After hearing all the stories, feeling the wind blowing between the vines and contemplating the wine rested in the barrels, comes the time to test your nose and palate. If you are just starting with the world of wine, and you don’t feel very comfortable during the tasting, I assure you that in our Wine Bar sommeliers will explain you all the wine tasting steps in a simple and entertaining way . It is very valuable to follow their suggestions with attention and really learn from them how to understand the different styles.


Pairing wine and food

In our Wine Bar you can enjoy lunch or some snacks, trying different wines of Concha y Toro. Note that in the restaurant’s menu, designed by the sommeliers of the winery, there are some entertaining recommendations. You can always ask for advice or explanation about what wine to accompany with a particular dish. It’s a really beautiful kind of pairing.


To remember your visit…

After several steps of this experience, some wines will seem closer to your taste than others. At the Wine Shop you can buy several lines and strains. If you have any questions, ask the sommelier of the store. This person will help you to understand the vintages and choose the best wine for your budget and occasion.

Contemplating the vineyards is certainly a magical experience. I love to visit them in different seasons, from the awakening of the vines in spring, to the changing color of the leaves in summer, with yellow, orange and fuchsia tones in autumn and Winter when they sleep peacefully. If you come back several times, in each of these states of the cycle of the vine, you will discover new aspects of wine.

I promise you one thing: if you taste your favorite wine after visiting the vineyard where it comes from, it will never taste the same. You will have the images of the vineyards in your memory forever. The taste of the wine will be more intense and memorable.

Wine Shop

General tips to learn as much as possible during the visit to the winery

  1. Use the public transport or taxi thus after the tasting you don’t have to drive.
  2. Book your tour in advance.
  3. Put adequate clothes depending on the climatic conditions, and in summer do not forget to use sunscreen and sunglasses. Do not let weather to distract you.
  4. Just ask. Guides and sommeliers will be happy to explain, support and answer all your questions. There are not bad questions, only bad answers.
  5. Try different styles of wine and let yourself to be surprised and seduced by something new.
  6. Make notes and take pictures. After the visit, you can calmly study and remember all the information.