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Concha y Toro 22/05/2020

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Concha y Toro Chardonnay in Wine Enthusiast


The leading website has published an interesting article on Chardonnay clones around the world, and Concha y Toro was represented by its Technical Director and Winemaker, Marcelo Papa. 

In Wine Geek’s Guide to Chardonnay Clones Around the World, Sean P. Sullivan presents a detailed analysis of the role played by clones in bringing life to different Chardonnay styles, based on information drawn from experts throughout the world. 

Marcelo Papa was cited in the article as an authority in New World winemaking. When asked about clones, the Concho y Toro enologist replied that in his view “much, much more important than the clone is the place. Ten to one. ” He also emphasized the fundamental role played by the rootstock: “If you give me five good Chardonnay clones: 76, 95, 548, a Selection Massale, whatever you want… I’ll pick the rootstock.” Marcelo explained that this is due to the way in which the rootstock interacts with the soil. He further added: “For many, many years we’ve been looking at the climate, which is important. We’ve been looking at the clonal material, but we forget the vase.

In line with Marcelo Papa’s views, Sullivan draws his article to a close with the following reflection: “perhaps one day, like clones, rootstock names will be proclaimed on a wine label”.

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