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Want 01/10/2013


Decanter: Marques De Casa Concha, the best Chardonnay in the world under £ 15


Marques de Casa Concha Chardonnay 2011“Standing in the sun-beaten, breathless aridity of coastal Limarí, it’s hard to imagine that this is prime Chardonnay country. And then you feel the chilly Pacific breeze on the nape of your neck, and you crumble the calcium encrustations between your fingers … and taste the wine. The unique combination of vivid, energetic purity and elegant, almost salty, savoury character suddenly makes sense. It’s a special place in delicious liquid form”. Adding that “This Chardonnay is intense, layered, salty-savoury and invigorating. Is a validation of that work, as well as the natural bounties of the land”. Peter Richards MW, Wine critic and Panel Chair.

Decanter World Wine Awards, one of the world’s most distinguished wine competitions, awarded the regional trophy to Chardonnay vintage 2011, in June of this year, with a ceremony held in London on September 4, in which the presenter praised the work carried out by Marcelo Papa to promote the Limarí Valley.