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Want 22/10/2015


Don Melchor presents important recognition for its 2010 vintage on the display windows of a specialized wine shop


vitrina DonMelchor_sept15

In Chile, as a way of supporting the communication of this important recognition awarded to the 2010 vintage of Don Melchor by the American magazine Wine Spectator in its ranking of the “Top 10” best wines of the world, the iconic wine was featured prominently throughout September on the shop windows of La CAV at Costanera Center Shopping Mall.

Don Melchor has been three times part of this ranking that selects the 10 best wines of the world –with its vintages 2001, 2003 and 2010– becoming the only Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon to position three of its vintages amongst the “Top 10”, thus marking a milestone in Chile’s wine history.