Concha y Toro

Want 20/08/2015


Don Melchor was distinguished as the best wine in the ten years of Expovinos Colombia


Patricia Guzmán, Fine Wines Executive of Concha y Toro in Colombia and Peru, receives the prize on behalf of Concha y Toro.

Viña Concha y Toro was awarded a Gold Medal in the Great Wines category for its icon wine Don Melchor at the tenth Expovinos 2015 show, organized in Colombia between July 28 and August 1 by the Grupo Éxito, the most important supermarket chain in that country.

More than 47 thousand people attended the exhibition which aimed at generating a perspective of quality and responsibility in wine consumers and awarding prizes in the different categories of wine with gold and silver medals, which are audited by the firm Ernst & Young.

In celebrating its tenth year, Expovinos exceptionally created a special category to distinguish the best of the 10 best wines awarded over recent years. It was in this that Don Melchor stood out by receiving the respective Gold Medal in the presence of important international wine experts and over 80 exhibitors.


“This prize is a recognition of the history, quality and prestige of Don Melchor in Colombia. These ten years of Expovinos represent a great triumph for Concha y Toro’s iconic wine in the market, confirming it as a world class wine”, said Patricia Guzmán, Fine Wines Executive of Concha y Toro in Colombia and Peru.  

Over its 12 thousand square meters this year, activities were organized focused on exhibiting a variety of wines, domains of origin and types and blends of wine. They also included the participation of experts from the Old and the New World, 40 specialized conferences, more than 80 stands and wines from 11 countries. All these activities together enabled fans to engage with the world of wine.