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Ania Smolec 19/12/2016

How to Buy Wine for a Gift in 10 Steps


A wine can be an excellent gift. It works for any occasion and is perfect for sharing with friends, family members and people from your professional circuit. Below we present you a guide of 10 simple steps to choose the perfect wine.

You will surely find many occasions to give wine as a gift. It is timeless, classic and elegant. But sometimes choosing the perfect wine among many choices is a headache. So I want to file a ten-step guide that considers the most relevant aspects in your purchase decision. So you will not only give a bottle, but also lots of smiles.

1. For whom is the gift?

No doubt, the easiest way is to give someone’s favorite wine. Thus we are not mistaken. But even for very close people, not always we fully know their tastes. It is even more difficult if you have to buy a wine for a colleague or for a person that you don’t know very well. Any information about her or his preferences will support you a lot. For example, if your brother loves Pinot Noir or your sister in law is a fan of sparkling wine, we have nowhere to make a mistake.

The style of wine which you choose depends directly on who you plan to give the wine. Young, active and outgoing  people will enjoy a floral, fruity wine with a rich bouquet, as our Trio line. On the other hand, more mature persons, with a more defined and classical taste, they will opt for wines like Casillero del Diablo Leyenda Cabernet Sauvignon.

2. Price level

Here we must pay attention to the gift occasion. For a Saturday barbecue, a friend gathering, a celebration among colleagues or a social visit, you can choose a wine moderately priced, while a wedding anniversary, a birthday of someone close or a college graduation, require luxury fine wine, which shows our respect and affection.

3. Wine for aging or for immediate consumption?

Don Melchor cavaIf this wine is for immediate consumption (during the year) or the person who will receive it has a cellar and collects labels, definitely marks our choice. In specialty stores like the Concha y Toro Wine Shop at Pirque you can ask a sommelier for recommendations to buy and you can choose a wine to age or an older vintage, which the person can enjoy even in the same day he or she receives your gift .

4. The flavors that can guide you to the right choice

If you know the person well or you ate together at a restaurant, you have another important indicator. For example, if this person really likes Oriental food, you can choose a Carmenere, a sparkling wine or a sweet wine as Frontera Late Harvest. On the other hand, if he or she prefers meat and enjoys a good barbecue, you can surely pick a Cabernet Sauvignon or Syrah. Finally, if this person is a fan of fish or shellfish, it is best to opt for a Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay.

5. Something special

Another way is to select a wine with a unique name that will mean something to the recipient. Several wines have a story behind their name, origin or label.

6. A geographical touch

If you recipient has a favorite country or region, that can be a great idea for your gift. For example, if  this person loves the sea and has spent a great vacation on the coast of Limarí. In this case a wine of this region is going to remind him or her the good moments of the trip. It may also be that this person has a very definite taste for any denomination, as a strong loyalty to the wines from Maipo Alto.

7. Choose a wine with a unique bottle

Botella firmada Don MelchorSome wines come from limited series. Some of their productions are  even that small, that each bottle is numbered. That’s a very special gift. The bottle can also be different. For example, magnum size or purchased at the winery and signed by the winemaker. This particular touch underlines that the gift was intended and given with love.

8. Vintage

The year of birth of a person which turns 18, or the date in which you have met a married couple, which is celebrating their anniversary. The dates or the years also can be a guide on what wine to choose. Sometimes it is very difficult to find a bottle of an old vintage, and it also can have a very high price, but playing with the dates always allows you to give a wine with a more personal touch.

9. Label

There are people who are open to try many wines. But look on the labels. Sometimes they have a story. For example, it may be designed by a famous artist or presenting the figure of your recipient’s favorite animal.

10. Where to buy

Wine Shop 3

There is no single place where you can get the perfect gift. I recommend visiting specialty shops, supermarkets and liquor stores. At wine shops you can buy rare or less known strains, but in liquor stores you can find “lost” and forgotten vintages that can be jewels if they are well preserved.

When I give a wine as a gift to friends or family, I like to add something else associated with the topic. For example, for friends who are studying and learning about wine, I attach some accessories for service as a cute corkscrew or wine glasses designed for a particular strain.

My family loves to receive wine as a gift, but they like it better if it comes with something else, like a cheese or a cured ham (yes, they are demanding) to make a good pairing with the strain. And I always accompany sweet wines with a dessert or a homemade cake to give it a more personal touch.

When deciding which wine to give, do not forget to present it in a meaningful way, as in a beautiful bag or an elegant wrapping paper. Wine can be the perfect gift, but you can do much better when you take the time to wrap it with love and dedication.