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Concha y Toro 12/03/2015

How to combine wine and creamy cheese


Sommelier Martín Durán helps us with advice on how to do a perfect pairing with wine and creamy cheeses, depending on the accompaniment.

We talked before about what aspects to keep in mind when combining wine with blue cheese and fresh cheeses. This time, it is the turn of creamy cheeses. These cheeses are characterized by having a creamy texture inside and a white velvety rind on the outside. Their flavor, same as other types of cheeses, varies depending on their maturation.

With the help of Concha y Toro’s sommelier Martín Durán, we’ll find out what are the most appropriate wines depending on the type of cheese and the ingredients accompanying it.


shutterstock_206646883One of the creamy cheeses we see more often is Camembert. However, there are many types of Camembert: “Normandie”, “Calvados” and “Geant”, to name a few. However, this time we will focus on the most common Camembert that can be easily found in any supermarket.

This cheese has an intense flavor, usually covered by a velvety semi-hard rind that protects the creamy paste inside. For our sommelier Martín Durán, Camembert usually needs a fruity wine like Frontera Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay.

Normally, this cheese is accompanied with some other flavor, like some kind of sweets or jam (apple, pear, quince, blackberry, etc). In such cases, the ideal wine could vary from a light Late Harvest, made with Sauvignon Blanc, to the ones mentioned above, or a light Syrah, Casillero del Diablo, for example, if combined with berries.


shutterstock_244161379Another traditional creamy cheese is Brié. Smooth and supple, it is ideal to eat, for example, in a toast. However, it can also be served with a green salad, like arugula or watercress. In fact, its versatility makes it a good accompaniment for seafood or meats.

Taking that into account, our sommelier recommends different pairings. “From white wines such as Chardonnay, to capture its fruity and lactose notes, to a somehow robust Viognier that harmonizes well with the spices. It could also be a Pinot Noir with good acidity to capture the notes of hazelnuts and earth (mushrooms) or even stronger wines such as Syrah or Cabernet Sauvignon with a mild contribution of wood, especially if the cheese is accompanied with preparations that include arugula, spinach leaves or similar”.

Cream Cheese

shutterstock_166756535Cream cheese, popularly known as “Philadelphia cheese”, is a widely used creamy cheese, often found in various preparations.

This cheese is ideal for Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay or a light red wine such as Pinot Noir. It even provides a good opportunity to try Marques de Casa Concha País /Cinsault.

People usually serve it with soy sauce and seeds of some kind, or red pepper compote. In both cases, our sommelier recommends a .

And you, which wines do you like to pair with cream cheese?