Concha y Toro

Concha y Toro 14/08/2010

How to store a wine


Learn four keys to keep the wine in optimal conditions for that special occasion.

1. Place

Wine needs peace and quiet to evolve over time and, just like us humans when wanting to rest, the best place for it is where there are no abrupt changes in temperature, there is little noise, excessive humidity or sudden movements.

Hopefully, the rest should all take place in one same place so as not to alter the aging process.

2. Bottle’s position


The best position for a bottle is lying down. In this way, the cork is always in contact with the wine and it does not dry up, as this could cause filtrations.

Also, it avoids further oxygen from entering and the wine will evolve quicker.

Quick consumption wines may be kept upright; they also usually have shorter corks that saturate quicker.

3. Temperature

The temperature of the storage place must be kept constant, because any changes cause the liquid to expand or contract, which could cause the cork to pop out and then the wine will be lost.

The ideal storage temperature is between 16°C and 17°C. At this level, the wine evolves slower and better.

Ideal humidity is likely to be around 70%.

A drier atmosphere would cause the cork to compress and let wine out, whilst a higher one could give rise to mildew on the cork.

4. Light

Wines prefer darkness to daylight. Sunlight makes the reds lose their intensity of color, whilst the whites acquire a yellowish and golden tone.

The best place is a well closed cupboard or a windowless room.