Concha y Toro

Concha y Toro 19/02/2014

How to taste a wine? First step: Sight



Concha y Toro’s sommelier, Claudia Juárez, explains to us step by step how to taste a wine without being an expert. We shall now analyze the first stage, its appearance.

The first thing to do is to incline the glass to 45 degrees before a white background in order to begin to evaluate the color, which can vary according to its age.

For example, in the case of the reds, we can find purple and violet colors when they are young, while more aged wines have red-tile or orange colors.

In the whites, we can find clear and greenish yellow colors in their youth and straw, new gold or old gold yellow colors when more aged.

You should then confirm that the wine has no sediments and is clean and brilliant.

In this stage, the wine should be passed smoothly around the sides of the glass and it should be noted how it sticks to form droplets, called tears or legs.

If they are slim, it means that it will be a wine light in the mouth, and if thick, a wine with a larger body. If they fall slowly, it indicates that it is a wine with a good concentration of alcohol, but, if they fall quickly, it indicates that is a wine low in alcohol.