The best food trends of the last decade

access_time 2020 · 02 · 24

With the New Year came a new decade, the perfect moment to look back on the 10 years we left behind and what they meant to us. As Instagrammers were busy posting their #10yearchallenge photos comparing their 2010 and 2020 selfies, the rest of the world was looking at the trends we loved, the ones we’d rather leave behind and wondering what the next decade has in store.

The 2010s were the decade of hipsters and man buns, of Netflix, athleisure – workout clothes as a legitimate daily wardrobe – and electric scooters. Some fads were better received than others – Crocs were loved and hated in equal parts, viral social media challenges can happily stay in the last decade, but when it comes to food industry trends there was something delicious for everyone in the 2010s. 

The clean eating movement saw us embrace courgette pasta (zoodles) and matcha tea, Instagram made rainbow coffee a hit, there were tasty acai bowls, ramen restaurants popped up around the world and everyone embraced veganism, or at least part-time flexitarian eating.

The last decade also saw an exceptional year for winemaking, 2018, with Concha y Toro releasing its Extraordinary Vintage red wine. If you’re looking for a great red wine pairing, here are some 2010 food trends you can enjoy with the perfect extraordinary vintage.

  • Poke bowl

Poke is the Hawaiian word for ‘slice’, and uses raw fish as a principal ingredient, cut into small slices or cubes. This has been a popular Hawaiian dish since the 1970s, but only really found international fame from 2012. Since its rise from unknown local food to worldwide phenomenon, the poke bowl has become an Instagram staple. Easy to arrange beautifully and using natural and tasty ingredients, the poke bowl was much loved in the 2010s and looks to be around for the foreseeable future too. 

Ph: Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Poke often comes with soy, garlic and ginger flavours, so a wine that can match these intense and spicy bursts will likely pair well. Try a Trio Merlot 2018, with a hint of plum that balances the spice well, and vanilla touches that create a smooth blend with the bursts of flavoursome ingredients

  • Avocado toast 

Known as the new ‘green gold’, avocados were essentially the food of the decade. As part of the rising popularity of higher-fat diets, the avocado became the star of the kitchen. Once it made its way onto toast, a world of possibilities opened up, and the experimentation continues today. While it was suggested that young people were missing out on buying their first house due to excessive avocado toast consumption (not true), this healthy snack and meal was a key feature of the 2010s.

Ph: Tim Chow on Unsplash

Because of the high fat content of avocados, a fruity, light red will pair perfectly. Try the Marques de Casa Concha Pinot Noir. This wine brings enough lightness not to overpower the delicately creamy avocado, and adds a touch of spice and liquorice that cuts through the fat wonderfully.

  • Gluten-free pasta

The 2010s were also the decade of new versions of existing products. We saw dairy take a back seat to soy and almond milk, and also watched as gluten fell from grace. From fresh pasta to pizza bases and cookies, gluten-free ingredients took the place of many ingredients like wheat, rye and barley.

Ph: Lindsay Cotter on Cotter Crunch

Gluten-free pasta can occasionally lack the crunch and solidity of its less-digestible cousins, so a full-bodied wine will be ideal to heighten the experience. Healthy eating doesn’t have to mean losing out on great red wine pairings. Try the Gran Reserva Serie Riberas Syrah, will bring a solid and muscular feel, with soft tannins and a toasted oak after note. This wine is powerful enough to lift the meal, and balance tasty pasta sauces.



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