Concha y Toro

Paola Peñafiel 08/09/2015

Live the Concha y Toro experience Discover its origins, its history and its wines


“Bodegas y Viñedos Concha y Toro” is located in Pirque. It is considered to be the principal winery attraction in the region and is the place where in 1883 one of the important wineries in the world was founded.


The winery is located in the heart of the Maipo Valley and with terroir where Chile’s best Cabernet Sauvignon is produced. It receives tourists from all over the world and allows them to experience a journey into its history and to know its wines.

A visit guided by specialized professionals enables you to discover the surroundings of the family estate house built in 1875 by the company’s founder. An impressive summer palace in the Italian style with Chilean colonial influences. Its garden, designed especially for Emiliana Subercaseaux, wife of Don Melchor, includes a beautiful pond and a park with trees from different parts of the world with hundred-year-old species.

Casillero del Diablo

A mixture of history and mystery surrounds the original cellars of Don Melchor from the mid 19th Century and his Casillero del Diablo (Devil’s Locker), which gives the name to this emblematic wine. According to the legend, Don Melchor found that his best wines which he kept in a locker in his underground cellars were disappearing. To avoid continuing to be robbed, he spread the rumor that the devil himself guarded his cellars. He never again missed a single bottle.

An excellent way to know the origin of the wine is to visit the old vineyards, and the Garden of Varieties which offers a sample of the principal wine grapes produced in Chile. But the visit also permits you to appreciate the quality of Concha y Toro’s wines, with a tasting guided by an expert.

jardin de variedades

This is the moment when visitors learn to appreciate the color, aroma and of course the flavor of the wines according to their grape. Once the visit is finished, all the visitors can take away their Concha y Toro Glass, with the sole condition that only Concha y Toro wine may be drunk from it. The Marques de Casa Concha tour also offers a pairing with different cheeses to enjoy wine of four grape varieties of this, a tasting that is guided by a professional sommelier.

Pirque offers the possibility of spending the day with the family and friends in a natural environment filled with history. Apart from the tour, you can enjoy good Chilean food and taste wines in the WineBar; or buy products in the WineShop of all the Concha y Toro brands.

Wine bar

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