Meet our Master of Senses: Massimo Leonori

Massimo Leonori—a man with a special gift—was born on September 16, 1972 in San Severino Marche, a small town in Italy with barely 13,000 residents.

He grew up in San Severino, a zone with tremendous viticultural and gastronomic history in the Marche region of eastern Italy. His family also has a long tradition of agricultural and viticultural production, so from the time he was a young boy, surrounded by diverse stimuli, he has been interested in wine—to the point that it became his true passion.

Despite having successfully completed his studies in the technical-scientific area, his extraordinary senses led him to open his own pub-restaurant focused on the highest quality of wine and beer in 1998. Seven years later, he fell in love with a Chilean woman and returned with her to Chile, where they married and had a daughter.

He began working at the prestigious Grand Hyatt Santiago Hotel and studied at the Chilean School of Sommeliers. He joined Viña Concha y Toro in 2009.


From that moment onward, his passion for wine has soared, and he has spent every day since exploring and expanding his sensitivity, accentuating his perceptions, and training his senses to perfection. He is an exceptional man. A reference in his field. A true master of the senses.



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