Merlot and three perfect wine pairings

By: Paola Peñafiel

Periodista de Concha y Toro en México

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This French wine variety is elegant, soft and round in the mouth, medium-bodied, has an attractive color and intense black fruit flavors. In addition, it’s very versatile since it pairs fantastically with a wide variety of foods. Here we present three exquisite options with Concha y Toro wines.

Merlot is one of the most important and planted wine varieties worldwide. Original to the Bordeaux region in France, its name comes from the Blackbird, since its berries are dark blue, almost black, similar to the plumage of this little bird.

This variety is used for amazing red blends, and monovarietal wines of great quality and elegance. Merlot wines have an intense ruby ​​color with violet hues and medium-high tannins. In the mouth they are round, soft and velvety. Its typical aromas are black and red fruits such as blackberries, cherries, currants and cassis, and if they are aged, pleasant notes of leather, tobacco and wood are added.

All these characteristics make Merlot an enjoyable and easy-to-drink wine that also pairs very well with a wide variety of foods such as red and white meats, cheese, rice and all kinds of pasta. It can also accompany vegetables. The key is to avoid them raw and unseasoned, but rather cooked or roasted.

Concha y Toro wines and their pairings

Although Merlot is originally from France, it’s currently found in several wine-producing countries, such as Chile. The variety arrived to the country in the mid-nineteenth century expanding throughout the territory. Its central valleys have the perfect climatic conditions for the development of the vine which has allowed the production of wines of the highest quality, very representative of its terroir.

One of the best wines is Marques de Casa Concha Merlot, a guarded wine produced with selected grapes from the San Clemente Vineyard, which runs along slopes and alluvial terraces near the riverbank, in the Maule Valley. The result is a deep red wine, fresh and elegant, with velvety tannins and aromas of black sarsaparillas, wild berries, plums, vanilla, mocha and wood. Its 18 months of aging in French oak barrels and in 5,000 liters foudre bring personality and complexity to this wine.

This Merlot, being a mature and expressive red wine will exquisitely accompany a grilled steak with roasted vegetables and Gravy sauce. But since the end of the year holidays are approaching and turkey is a very popular dish, our recommendation will be roasted stuffed turkey with plum sauce. This dish filled with raisins, almonds, vegetables, plums and ground beef, will pair very well with this powerful Merlot. In addition, the plum sauce will harmonize beautifully with the flavors of the wine.


Another great representative of this variety of Concha y Toro is Casillero Del Diablo Merlot 2018, a fresh, docile and elegant wine, with aromas of blackberry, strawberries and hints of chocolate, vanilla and cassis. It presents soft tannins thanks to its passage through American oak barrels, and its quality is guaranteed by its vineyards of origin in the Central Valley, a region recognized for its excellence in the production of Merlot.

For this great wine, we suggest creamed chicken with rice. A simple recipe in which onion, carrots and red pepper are fried in butter, all finely chopped, and heavy cream and condiments are added to your liking. Then pieces of skinless chicken are fried, and covered with this creamy sauce to bring everything together. It is served with white rice. This exquisite dish will go wonderfully with Casillero del Diablo Merlot, as it’s ideal to pair with white meats, creamy sauces and rice.

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Concha y Toro also offers an incredible assembly: Trio Merlot 2018. This wine based on this variety (52%), Carmenere (45%) and Syrah (3%) has a deep violet red color and intense aromas of black fruits. A juicy, delicate wine with soft tannins and a balanced acidity that accompanies pasta and cheese very well. That is why our recommendation of the perfect pairing will be with ricotta and ham Sorrentino with butter and parmesan cheese. This type of round and filled pasta is one of my favorites and what better to accompany this tasty dish than a Trio Merlot.

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Both Casillero del Diablo and Trio are currently presenting the 2018 harvest of their Merlot variety, which has been considered as “Extraordinary Vintage”. This means that the perfect climatic conditions occurred together with an excellent condition of the grape to produce red wines of outstanding quality. That said, if you find a Casillero Del Diablo Merlot 2018 and a Trio Merlot 2018, be sure to try it with some of our recommendations.

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