Mexican Soups: tradition and variety of flavors, aromas and colors

By: Paola Peñafiel

Periodista de Concha y Toro en México

access_time 2019 · 06 · 18

In Mexican cuisine, soups are a fundamental entree, which cannot be skipped in a traditional meal. There are as many varieties of broths as the diversity of ingredients and the combination of flavors is simply surprising. We invite you to discover the most famous soups and their perfect wine pairings with Concha y Toro.

From north to south and from coast to coast, every corner of Mexico has a good and tasty soup among its typical dishes. The options are endless and reflect the close relationship between the culture of each region and its gastronomy.

For someone like me who comes from another country, the idea of ​​a soup is simple. But if we’re talking about Mexican soups, you’d be surprised how that changes. As in all its gastronomy, it uses a variety of ingredients to give it that unique and spicy flavor. Not just in its preparation, but you can also add zest to a soup once served with a variety of ingredients that are placed on the table such as cheese, cream, avocado, tortilla, vegetables and other condiments.

Of the many options, we will present some of the most representative soups of Mexico and its perfect wine pairings with Concha y Toro.

Aztec soup or tortilla soup is undoubtedly the most popular in all of Mexico. It is the first one that comes to mind when we talk about Mexican soups and it will certainly be the favorite for all lovers of this country’s gastronomy. Fry the tomatoes, chilies, garlic and onion; Then add broth and shredded chicken. Once served, add fried tortilla strips, as well as chipotle cream, fresh cheese, pork rinds and cubed avocado. Yes, that’s right, avocado. In Chile, we would never think to put avocado in a soup, but once you try it, you’ll agree it’s quite tasty. This dish can be accompanied by a white wine, or if you prefer a red, one option is Trio Merlot, a blend of this grape variety with Carmenere and Syrah, with soft tannins and balanced acidity.

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We have already mentioned the historical and cultural importance of corn in Mexican cuisine, which is why we want to highlight cream of corn. This soup is prepared with different types of corn kernels, some of which are sweet; they are cooked, ground and combined with a white sauce based of butter, milk and flour. In addition, this cream has a surprising element: not all of the kernels are ground, so when you enjoy this soup you will find fresh and crunchy corn kernels. Once served, it can be seasoned with chopped parsley and fresh lettuce. Without a doubt this is one of the best versions of cream of corn I’ve tried; a soft and creamy soup that goes well with a Marques de Casa Concha Chardonnay.



There are other soups that are definitely a meal in itself because of the variety of ingredients. The most famous and internationally recognized is the Pozole, which is consumed all year round, but mainly in September, during the Independence Celebration. Since we previously covered it, we’ll highlight another soup that falls into this same category: the Caldo Tlalpeño, which is also quite an experience, given that it has almost everything. This broth is prepared with chicken, chickpeas, onion, garlic, chipotle chile, zucchini, carrots and green beans. Once served, decorate and season with cubed avocado, lemon, onion and cheese. This soup, with great flavor and diversity of colors, can be paired with Casillero del Diablo Reserva Privada Sauvignon Blanc.

From the beautiful and tropical state of Yucatan comes another of the dishes we want to highlight: lime soup. Not only is it popular in its place of origin but also throughout Mexico. Thanks to the lime and other ingredients it’s a light, refreshing and aromatic soup. The chicken is cooked together with lime, onion, garlic and water. Fry red onion, tomatoes and red pepper, all diced. Then you add the shredded chicken, broth, cilantro, lime juice, oregano and pepper. For this soup we recommend Casillero del Diablo Viognier, as it’s an aromatic grape variety with great freshness.



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