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Ania Smolec 26/02/2015

Oysters from Calbuco

Oysters- the well known gourmet product, famous for its sensual dimension. Its particular flavors ignite the imagination of chefs and food admires.


Oysters- the well known gourmet product, famous for its sensual dimension. Its particular flavors ignite the imagination of chefs and food admires. Explore the ideal wine pairings to one of the best world gourmet ingredients: oysters from Calbuco!

Gastronomy connoisseurs from the entire world highly value seafood from cold waters, underlining its intense and sophisticated aromas. The Chilean coast, especially in the south, from the Lakes District to the deep Patagonia, is known as a source of seafood of the highest quality, thanks to the presence of the cold Humboldt Current that bathes its coastline.

The Lakes District is known for its beautiful cities, beaches and lakes that rise at the foot of the Andes Mountains. The landscape here is green, wet, decorated with the snow-capped volcanoes. Its churches, chapels, religious festivals, legends and mythology, provide a unique way of the everyday living and undoubtedly represent a treasure for tourists.

West of Puerto Montt, there is a coastal road where you can taste extraordinary seafood, freshly caught by artisanal fishermen. One of the magical places for fans of seafood, especially oysters, is the archipelago of Calbuco, located 56 kilometers southwest of Puerto Montt, facing the big island of Chiloe. Calbuco has very easy access, as it is connected to the mainland.

Calbuco oysters are known as black edge oysters. This culinary treasure captures the essence of the sea. Without shyness, oysters deliver this famous and sublime ocean, salty, metallic, fresh and iodized taste. Today this Chilean seafood is recognized worldwide for its quality and intensity of flavors and definitely has all the attributes to be recognized as an appellation of origin as endemic product.

Oysters traditionally are eaten as a fresh entry, served cold and accompanied by a blast of lemon juice. You can also use salt, freshly ground pepper and a touch of olive oil. If you offer oysters at home, I suggest opening the shells and placing in a tray on a bed of crushed ice.

Ostras de Calbuco

This famous gourmet product enhances its flavors with the right wine. To choose the perfect one, the first consideration is to understand that this is a raw ingredient, salty as seawater and with a unique iodine flavor. The nature of oysters invites us to make a classic pairing: with a sparkling wine from light to medium body, dry style with a deep and vibrant acidity. Casillero del Diablo Devil’s Brut, with its refreshing notes of lemon, green apple and mineral notes, harmonizes well with oysters. Besides, its high level of umami taste combines perfectly with the metal-iodinated touch of oysters. If you choose for example to fry your oysters, also a sparkling brut style wine, but with a little more time of aging, will be your answer to make a rich pairing.

The oyster is a shellfish that lives in its shell, which provides additional mineral notes. This particular salt-mineral touch of shells also identifies and marks the Limarí Valley terroir with its calcareous soils. So another wonderful, classic and elegant pairing is with Marques de Casa Concha Chardonnay. It is a wine of great finesse, with a silky texture and concentrated flavors, which captures all the minerality of the soil and the cool coastal Limarì climate. You can find some aromas of white pear, sea breezes and tropical fruits in its bouquet.

Ostras Casillero Sauvignon Blanc

For the perfect wine matching, oysters have to show off their salty notes balanced with the acidity of the wine. Then some white wine with high acidity is always welcome to this product. If you prefer a wine without bubbles, select Casillero del Diablo Sauvignon Blanc to enjoy a delicious pairing with oysters. The Sauvignon Blanc variety contains notes of lemon, lemon zest and other citrus fruits that provide additional freshness to the dish.

If you are looking for a beautiful landscape, a nearby nature and historical heritage, surely the Lake District is your holiday destination. While you rest and delight its lush surroundings, remember you can also enjoy some of the world’s richest oysters, accompanied, of course, with the best wines.