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Concha y Toro 17/12/2014

Polyphenols, the French paradox

Why the French -known for their food rich on saturated fat- have a low death rate due to heart disease? Learn why in the following article.


Why the French -known for their food rich on saturated fat- have a low death rate due to heart disease? It is common knowledge that the more fat a daily diet has, the greater the likelihood of suffering cardiovascular disease. Learn why in the following article.

Eager to explain the cause of this “French paradox”, in the late 80s and early 90s many scientists set out to study the association was between cardiovascular disease and the consumption of various foods in 21 countries, including vegetables, vegetable oils, fruits, dairy products, and wine. The results were surprising: It was discovered that drinking wine, especially red wine, helped to offset the damage caused by high-fat diets.

The “Magic” of Wine

tomando vino 2Those responsible for this benefit are polyphenols: Chemical compounds, known for their antioxidant properties, which are present in plants and vegetables, but also in beverages like wine.

To live, our cells need oxygen exchange (what is known as oxidation), a process in which highly reactive molecules called free radicals are produced. However, factors such as stress or an inadequate nutrition (to name some) trigger a malfunction at the cellular level, which produces “oxidative stress”. This means that cells do not absorb oxygen well, increasing the production of free radicals, which ultimately affects the health of tissues and organs, causing illness.

The “magic” of polyphenols is precisely its ability to increase the antioxidant capacity of blood plasma, protecting our body from this “stress”.

This is one of the reason why doctors recommend drinking one or two glasses of wine a day; since it is an excellent source of these chemicals, it helps prevent illnesses associated with oxidative damage such as arthritis, atherosclerosis, dementia and cancer.

Other foods rich in them are grapes and berries. So if you want to eat a tasty and healthy dessert, we recommend you to make it with these fruits and accompany it with a delicious glass of Concha y Toro wine. Our recommendation: Rosé Frontera or Rosé Casillero del Diablo, Late Harvest Casillero del Diablo and Moscato Frontera.

Now you know: When you drink a glass of wine, you are not only enjoying a moment of pleasure, but you will also be taking care of your health.