Red wines and vegetarian food. Is possible?

access_time 2020 · 09 · 16

Beyond the traditional food and wine basic pairing formulas, there’s a whole world. If you are a vegetarian, you probably already questioned yourself if can you drink something else than white wine with your veggies. The answer is … sure you can! Is true that can be a challenging election but don’t worry, here we’ll help you to choose the right red wines for your vegs.

When choosing a red wine, if in doubt, lighter red wines such as Marqués de Casa Concha Edición Limitada Pinot Noir 2018 are a safe option because they match well with almost any food. Now that we are talking about this grape variety, it’s impossible not to mention mushrooms. No matter how you prepare them -including Mushroom risotto- their earthy notes love Pinot noir. This delicate wine is also a great companion to all those sweet veggies as butternut squash, sweet potato and chestnuts. Especially when they are roasted in the oven.


For all those recipes with tomato sauce, aubergines and peppers -like Pizza, Shakshuka or Ratatouille – better go for a richer red wine with good acidity as Terrunyo Carmenere 2018. This variety has herbal aromas that match perfectly with the peppers taste and also is well able to balance the tomatoes acidity.


When it comes to generous dishes as substantial Beans stews with veggies as onion, carrots and celery, try with an Argentinian malbec as Terrunyo Malbec 2016. Its silky tannins, floral and sweet notes on the palate are a great compliment. Now, the more substantial the food, the richer the wine.


Another component to have in mind, especially when we are going to pair vegetarian dishes with robust red wines as Terrunyo Cabernet Sauvignon 2017, is the fifth flavour. Better known as umami (that in Japanese means “delicious flavour”), is provided by the glutamic acid naturally present in foods such as mushrooms, beans, sundried tomatoes and mature cheese such as Parmesan, and adds more depth into the dishes taste. But if we don’t use any of them, another option is to incorporate umami through condiments as soy sauce, dried seaweed, miso, molasses, paprika or merkén (Chilean smoked chilli). With them, the dishes will taste more intense and will be able to balance perfectly with a bigger structured wine as Gran Reserva Serie Riberas Syrah 2018. Any ideas on what to cook? Think in Stir Fry, Pan fried tempeh with soy sauce, Miso glazed aubergines or Vegetarian Tuscan stew.

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It is also important to know that some green vegetables sometimes could just make red wines taste unpleasant. Think in artichokes, brussels sprouts, green peppers or broccoli. But if they aren’t the star of the dish, it should be ok.

A very helpful cooking technique when we are thinking in have red wines with our veggies, is cooking them on the bbq or the grill. This high-heat cooking method adds smoky and charred notes, what will make your vegetables, tofu or veggie burgers the option to be paired with bolder juicy red wines such as Gravas del Maipo Cabernet Sauvignon 2017.


As you see, there are lots of options when it comes to vegetarian food. Its all about being bold!



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