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Concha y Toro 26/11/2013

Richard Sandoval: A great passion, an amazing team and business with Plácido Domingo


“Any time you have passion and dedication to anything you will succeed and people will recognize your work”, emphasizes the chef, and tells us what particular aspects of his cuisine praised by the public: “People love the rich, bold and balanced flavors as well as the beautiful colors because after all, you eat with your eyes”.


With restaurants in Denver, Las Vegas, New York, Santa Monica, Washington DC, Mexico, Dubai and Qatar, for Chef Sandoval the key for internationalization and success is primarily the people who surround and support him in each of his restaurants: “I have an amazing team of people that are dedicated, passionate and really care about what they do. Each of my team members has my DNA, they just don’t know how to stop caring and they are passionate about what they do”.

According to Sandoval, another factor in the outstanding performance of its cuisine is the essence of Latin American food, which he considers “is the cuisine of the future because it’s fun, bold, approachable and very ethnic”.

Business with Plácido Domingo

A great peculiarity of chef Richard Sandoval is a partnership and friendship with renowned Spanish tenor and conductor Plácido Domingo, with whom he decided to open “Pampano”, a sophisticated restaurant dedicated to contemporary Mexican cuisine.


Asked about how this union was born, the chef tells us: “Plácido’s son and I knew each other from Acapulco, where I grew up and his family has avacation home.

Then, I moved to New York and they had a restaurant that wasn’t working so, they asked me for ideas on revamping the space. Eventually, Plácido and I met and Pampano came to life”.