Terrunyo and how to learn a new craft online

access_time 2020 · 05 · 25

Due to the present situation that many countries are facing, people are eager to find new and exciting ways to enjoy our time at home. While it’s easy to let boredom get the best of us, we can also see this extra downtime as an opportunity for learning arts and crafts and other skills we’ve always wanted to master. Since we have no choice but to embrace this temporary “new normal,” why not create a cosy new ritual, pairing a new skill with a nice bottle of wine?

We can use time spent at home to enrich our lives in new and exciting ways. Taking advantage of this time by combining your new endeavour with a glass of wine can help you maximize relaxation and enjoyment. From jewellery designing courses distance learning to learning arts and crafts, online drawing lessons to cooking classes from top chefs, there are so many ways to boost your skill set while relaxing at home, with a glass of wine by your side.

Since our Terrunyo wine is all about high-quality craftsmanship, we’ve selected a craft idea to pair with each bottle. This wine, known as the first multi-origin ultra-premium wine, is unique from its hand-harvested grapes to the winemaker’s final touch. You’ll taste the care that went into each bottle as you dive into learning arts and crafts, motivating you to keep at it and create something truly special.


Here is a list of crafts and skills you can learn while sipping a delicious glass of Terrunyo wine.


  • Take a cooking masterclass with Gordon Ramsay
Ph: Masterclass

Anyone can appreciate a high-quality restaurant meal, but few have the time to learn advanced cooking techniques to use at home. With extra time at home, you can learn cooking skills from the UK’s most famous chef, Gordon Ramsay. With Ramsay, online learning will fill your home with the aromas of delicious food, and give you skills you can share and enjoy for years to come. Gordon Ramsay’s masterclass is the perfect way to spice up your time at home, and it makes a great excuse to pop open a nice bottle of wine.

There’s no better company for a Gordon Ramsay online learning experience than Terrunyo’s Carmenere. This delicious red pairs well with a variety of foods including pastas, grilled meats, and a variety of seasonings and herbs. Its versatility creates the perfect pour to enjoy while cooking and eating new dishes.


  • Create handmade jewellery
Ph: Jurate Cesnaite

Jewellery making is an excellent craft to take up while spending extra time at home. With jewellery designing courses, distance learning can teach you to make something nice for yourself or create gifts for your loved ones. You could even start a business selling your unique creations online. Try jewellery designing courses distance learning through Skillshare, or pick up some materials and learn as you go. Working with your hands is soothing for your mind and body, so take a break to de-stress with this new craft and a glass of fine wine.

You can get more enjoyment from your jewellery designing courses distance learning sessions with a glass of Terrunyo’s Malbec. This red has soothing notes of berries and an elegant florals. It is a sophisticated combination that will put you in the right mindset for creating elegant jewellery pieces. This sip and craft hobby may just be your new favourite way to unwind.


  • Take a free drawing class
Ph: Chance Centeno

You may think you weren’t blessed with a creative streak, but think again! Everyone can tap into their creativity, and it’s never too late to get started on learning arts and crafts. With extra time at home, now is the perfect opportunity to learn a form of creative expression. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to draw, the Jazza YouTube channel has everything you need to succeed. It features an Australian artist who walks you through fun ways of learning to draw at home. This is one of the many free resources for learning arts and crafts online, so why not use this time to tap into your inner artist?

Accompany your dive into learning arts and crafts with Terrunyo’s Sauvignon Blanc. This Chilean white wine is known for its expressive character, which will pair well with your newfound creative expression. Its minerality will provide a surprisingly pleasant sensory experience as it combines on the nose with the lead of your pencil. The sensory journey develops with every crisp and citrusy sip, keeping your creative juices flowing as you build up your new drawing skills.


  • Upcycle your wine corks with a DIY project
Ph: Handfie

Since we’re all collecting plenty of wine corks these days, why not upcycle them with a wine cork DIY craft? There are many ways to use wine corks as a material while learning arts and crafts, so there is no need to buy new crafting materials. You could create a jewellery holder, magnets, or a corkboard for hanging up photos and important lists. Learning arts and crafts by using corks will remind you of all the fantastic wines you’ve tried and give you a reason to continue pursuing your love of wine. Try learning arts and crafts with a family member to spend some quality downtime together at home.

While working on a DIY cork craft, you’ll want to select a bottle that brings your passion for wine to life. Terrunyo’s Cabernet Sauvignon is an excellent choice, as it embodies the fine craftsmanship and care of Terrunyo’s winemakers. With each sip, you’ll notice fruity notes, silky tannins, and subtle hints vanilla, making it a classic red to drink as you indulge in your love of wine. With the fine craftsmanship that goes into this wine, a sip of Terrunyo is bound to inspire you while learning arts and crafts at home


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