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Ania Smolec 29/07/2016

The personalities of wines: discover the variety that matches your character

Which adjectives can be used to describe a wine? Mature, loquacious, jovial or cheerful, are just some examples. They all reflect a special character.


Which adjectives can be used to describe a wine? Mature, loquacious, jovial or cheerful, are just some examples. They all reflect a special character. I invite you to a playful mix of strains and their personalities.

Athletic: Pinot Grigio

DeportistaDo you like sports? Do you feel well in a competition, when with your effort you can achieve the goal? Your personality is certainly very dynamic and you do like challenges. The strain that reflects your personality is Pinot Grigio. This variety expresses finesse, but also a great power.

A wine like Casillero del Diablo Pinot Grigio has a very good body (as an athlete), plus a wonderful bouquet that reflects determination and joy. The Pinot Grigio or Pinot Gris has a legendary softness and versatility. It allows dry and sweet wines. It is an athlete who knows about rivals, but also recognizes the fair play.

Friendly: Late Harvest

AmistosoWould you like to spend time with others to listen to their stories and advise them? If people have problems, you try to support them, but also to share their joys? Do you always want to give the best of yourself to others? Do your friends say that you are a sweet person, like a Late Harvest ? Yes, but beware! Its great virtue is a perfect balance between sweetness and acidity, and to reflect exquisite notes of dried fruit, honey and flowers.

Casillero del Diablo Late Harvest is a fellow of talks among friends, sharing sweet moments with desserts, some debates with blue cheese or chats about life with a sophisticated mix of this wine and some rich pâté.

Romantic: Rosé

RománticoA song, aroma or dream moves you to the past or future. Perhaps you are easily excited, you have millions of dreams and sometimes you are too idealistic. Your point of view about the world is always optimistic; wherever you look you see love, seduction, almost as if your life proceeds on the big screen. And you are the star, of course! And your style matches a Rosé wine. Delicate, but with personality. Cool but complex. With notes of red fruit, earth, and aromas of flowers and spring.

Casillero del Diablo Rosé is a wine for all lovers and also for broken hearts, for those who dream of finding a great love.

Intellectual: Pinot Noir

IntelectualDo you share the philosophy of Descartes? You think therefore you are? Would you like to analyze, read and, above all, to ask? You are surely an intellectual, as well as the Pinot Noir strain. This is a variety of strong personality.

Difficult to manage in the vineyard, a bit whimsical, but when it can develop its “intelligence”, it offers extremely elegant wines of medium body, but with good structure and aging potential as Casillero del Diablo Pinot Noir.

Adventurer: Carmenere

AventureroAdventurer is a person who likes to experiment, learn, collect memories and broaden its horizons. For some, adventure is hard work, for others, a hobby and for many it is simply the way of facing life without fear. This is also the essence of Carmenere. A strain from Bordeaux, which almost disappeared after the phylloxera, and appeared a century later in a new house. In Chile!

When you try Casillero del Diablo Carmenere, think of a strong personality, ready to cross the ocean to start a new life.

Organized: Chardonnay

OrganizadoPeople see in you a leader, a person who shows the direction and encourages the rest. You know better than anyone that without a solid foundation, without good preparation and organization, a project is like a sand castle. You are not afraid of waiting for the right moment. It’s not a problem for you to work hard. You are like a Chardonnay. A wine that seduces, but is not capricious.

Casillero del Diablo Chardonnay offers a good body, freshness, balance and a rich bouquet. The strain is compliant and cooperative with the terroir, the winemaker hand, and finally with the oak aging to give the best of itself.

Family person: Viognier

FamiliarIs your life focused on your family? Do you love that different generations come together in the same house? You are a person who loves and lives for your family. You have the personality of a Viognier, a strain that offers full bodied white wines, as a welcoming embrace.

Casillero del Diablo Viognier is a very versatile wine, allowing us to make a house party, with Mediterranean flavors, with many guests and dishes from cheese, poultry and fish, to meat such as tenderloin. Let’s enjoy the richness of this strain!

Artistic: Moscato

ArtisticoArt has many faces; museums and concerts of the world, even everyday things made with passion and dedication. Perhaps you are a good gardener, or you love to cook. In all these tasks you can be a teacher and an artist. I present your twin strain: Moscato, related to the divine flavors of the world, wealth and beauty.

As a true painter, Moscatel may surprise depending on the “technique”. Sometimes it provides sparkling, sweet or dry wines, like Frontera Moscato.

Elegant: Cabernet Sauvignon

EleganteAre you an introvert? Do you feel good in your own world? Do you like to observe rather than interact with people? Your wine is Cabernet Sauvignon. Cabernet Sauvignon is the king of red varieties. It has class, elegance and style. If it comes from a climate that settles it, as Maipo Alto, it presents a real sophistication.

Casillero del Diablo Cabernet Sauvignon is like an old friend, with whom we can always count on.

Festive: Merlot

FestivoDo you like to party, dance, and make jokes? You have a cheerful and positive personality like Merlot. It is a variety that is characterized by a bouquet full of notes of fruits, such as berries and black fruits.

There is no party without joy. And there is no joy without Casillero del Diablo Merlot, a versatile companion of many cuisines, recipes and meetings.

Spiritual: Shiraz

EspiritualYou’ve liked to deepen spiritual or philosophical themes since you were a child? You have much in common with Shiraz. This strain is spicy, complex, and has a versatile body. Many faces! If it comes from a cool area, it develops floral, spicy and delicate notes.

Think of Casillero del Diablo Shiraz, a wine of medium body, with a rich bouquet and great finesse.

Nostalgic: Sauvignon Blanc

NostálgicoA nostalgic person is idealistic and dreamy, but on the other hand is realistic and sometimes very critical. This kind of people feels nostalgic, longing, and misses dreaming.

When we drink a Sauvignon Blanc we long for white shores, tropical carnivals, a lively meeting, or just a smile or a lovely gesture. That’s Casillero del Diablo Sauvignon Blanc with its delicacy, freshness and grace.

Traveler: Malbec

ViajeroThere are people who always go with the wind across mountains, rivers and seas. The hotel or airport serves as a living room, an office or a bedroom. You are always hungry to see the world. Even when you return from a trip, immediately you plan your next escape. This is also the personality of Malbec. A true traveler, who crossed the Atlantic to reach the New World. A strain that likes to follow new paths, grow near the sea, in transverse valleys and even in the mountain foothills.

Casillero del Diablo Malbec is a wine of medium body, always ready for new culinary journey, from tuna to a South American barbecue.