Concha y Toro

Ania Smolec 21/06/2013

What tells the vintage stated on the label?


The year in the vineyard is closed in four seasons: the autumn after the previous harvest, the winter- when the vineyard sleeps, the spring- when a new cycle of growing begins, the summer- when the grape mature, until the autumn, when the following picking up is coming. The year in which the grapes were harvested is on the label.

It is an extremely exciting moment, when all year of cooperation between the nature and winemakers will be expose. That is the moment of truth.

Vineyard’s terroir (geographical location, soil type, climate) is a constant factor, each year the same. The terroir and the variety determines certain ideal, optimal potential which winemakers are trying to achieve. However all changes in temperature, rainfall, number of days with sunshine and cloudy ones, winds, possible frost or snow,  all largely prejudge  the quality of the grapes during the harvest and then the wine.

There are no two same vintages!