Concha y Toro is gradually opening its doors to visitors, ensuring both tourists and the winery’s employees’ safety. To this end, we have designed a special protocol for COVID-19.

We invite you to carefully review the security measures so that you can enjoy your visit to our facilities safely during this white march:

Access Guidelines:

  • The venue has a maximum capacity of 50 people permitted within the enclosure.
  • The use of face coverings is mandatory.
  • Temperature screening will be conducted at the entrance.
  • All persons must:
    • Register through a health survey in our main access.
    • Follow instructions given by the host.
    • Sanitize shoes when entering the venue.
    • Sanitize hands before entering and as often as possible inside the venue.
    • Only debit and credit card payments are received.


  • There will only be nine daily tours, with a maximum capacity of 10 people each.
  • Winery doors will be kept open at all times.
  • Each tasting glass will be delivered to clients sanitized and sealed.

Tasting (tour):

  • Will take place outdoors, in the “Terraza de la Vendimia.”
  • Clients must sanitize their hands before tasting.
  • Wine serving will take place in the presence of clients.
  • Tables and chairs will be sanitized after each use.


  • Will be held in the tasting room.
  • Will have a maximum of 10 people, plus a sommelier.
  • All glasses will be sanitized at the time of assembly.
  • Tables and chairs will be sanitized after each use.
  • Asigned places may not be altered.

Wine Shop 

  • Maximum capacity of 6 people permitted.
  • Sanitize hands and shoes when entering the Wine Shop.
  • It is not allowed to touch bottles or products, you must ask the seller for what you need.
  • Only debit and credit card payments are received.
  • Surfaces will be sanitized after each use.

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