Environmental Performance

Environmental Performance

Viña Concha y Toro aims to be a benchmark for the industry in environmental practices, a challenge that not only involves the appropriate management of its impact on the environment, but also being aware of the risks that the environment might pose to the business.


Its long-term environmental commitment is reflected in the pillar Environment of the winery’s sustainability strategy, where the focus is on managing resources and externalities, establishing processes and continuous improvement, and training and sharing best practices in environmental matters.

Concha y Toro together with its subsidiaries has developed various initiatives such as: Measuring the carbon footprint to work on future goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions; measuring the water footprint and developing measures for an efficient use of this resource, as well as energy efficiency measures, reducing the amount of materials used, and incorporating technology and innovation in order to develop a clean production.


In particular, the phenomenon of climate change constitutes a major challenge for the future of the industry in general, in terms of rising temperatures, frost and drought, having a potential impact on the availability and quality of grapes.

Viña Concha y Toro is committed to an efficient and effective environmental management, standing at the forefront of the wine industry on sustainability practices. Environmental challenges and priorities are addressed by the winery’s sustainability strategy, which establishes initiatives for reducing water and energy consumption, waste, and emissions, protecting biodiversity and managing sustainability standards and certifications.

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