Concha y Toro


We are grateful to the earth that has given us so much,
and hold a commitment to protecting it in turn. From our deepest roots,
we are connected.

Inspired by the cycles of the earth to advance toward a sustainable and environmentally friendly form of agriculture, each day we set ourselves the challenge of going further, improving our ecosystems, and strengthening this important link that joins nature and people together.

This balance is faithfully reflected in our wines, which have been cultivated for more than 135 years and which position us today as one of the world’s best winemaking companies.

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We are aware of the importance of conserving water, and the impact water usage has on our planet. Therefore, our highly celebrated vineyards are delicately irrigated using a drop by drop system, providing the vines with the right amount of this natural resource so as to best be able to express the terroir in a glass.

Our water usage has thus earned us worldwide plaudits, as we maintain the vital responsibility of measuring our water footprint each year and ensuring that our results meet our targets.


Climate Change

Our greatest commitments include reducing our greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050 and advancing towards a low-carbon economy, so we work tirelessly to mitigate the effects of climate change on our vineyards and to reduce gas emissions.

Under this key analytical perspective, one of our greatest achievements was becoming Latin America’s first company to establish a road map for impact reduction built on Science-Based Targets.



Renewable resources are the future of energy. Wind, water, and sunlight have become our fundamental pillars for making sustainable and environmentally conscious products.

Therefore, we at Concha y Toro have put great effort toward incorporating renewable energy sources, with solar plants already installed at our northern and southern estates, proving our credentials as an energy-responsible company.


Circular Economy

Our team has a strong belief that all waste generated in a process has the potential to be reused, recycled, or valued. Therefore, we at Concha y Toro strive to make use of all our organic waste for composting, and we also recycle all industrial waste products, like plastic, glass, and card.

Furthermore, we operate five liquid waste treatment plants, which clean water before returning it to natural watercourses to share with the world.


Woodland and Biodiversity

We possess 4,200 hectares of native woodland, as part of our Native Mediterranean Woodland Conservation Program, creating a habitat for a wide range of plants and wildlife species, representing the richness of the Mediterranean environment of Central Chile.

Our detailed inventories of mammal and amphibian biodiversity also show that our vineyards make excellent habitats for biodiversity and life, supporting the bountiful relationship between woodland and vineyard on our estates.



Living in a community is fundamental for us, so we always follow our ideals and work tirelessly to create value in our surroundings, generate long-term links, help improve industry practices, and develop partnerships that bolster wellbeing and prosperity for our workers, suppliers, and the general community, through participation and dialog.