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5 Tips for Preserving Wine Once Opened


Did you know that when you open a bottle of wine, time starts to run against you? This is because, in contact with oxygen, the wine begins to lose its original flavors and aromas. On average, a recently opened bottle of wine can last between 3 and 5 days.  

If there is one thing you need to know, it’s that air is both the best friend and the enemy of wine. When you first pour and swirl the wine in the glass, it helps the wine to open up and express its aromatic components better. However, after a few hours, the air will cause oxidation, leading to irreversible changes. The good news is that you can slow down this process. Pay attention to the following recommendations: 

  • Putting the cork back 

Although it may seem obvious, there are better ways to prevent wine from oxidizing. However, it’s essential to reseal the bottle rather than leave it open, as exposure to air can turn wine into vinegar. To minimize exposure to oxygen, you can wrap waxed paper around the cork for a tighter seal. Additionally, it’s best to store the bottle in a cool, dark place rather than a warm, lighted area. 

  • Keep the bottle in the fridge (upright) 

Remember always to store the bottle in the refrigerator. The cold temperature slows down chemical reactions like oxidation. Make sure to seal the bottle correctly, place it in the fridge, and keep it in a vertical position to minimize the surface area exposed to air. As a result, both white and red wines will maintain their quality for up to a week and sometimes even a couple of days longer. 

  • Remove air from the bottle 

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The use of devices that remove air from the bottle is an excellent way to seal wine “under vacuum.” Vacu Vin is the brand that first introduced the two-piece system, which consists of a pump to extract air and a reusable rubber stopper. This system is widely recognized as the best on the market, and it promises to keep wine in good condition for up to two weeks. However, evidence shows this device extracts 70% of the air so that wines can stay well-preserved for up to a week after opening. 

  • Use inert gas 

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This system is incredibly sophisticated. It is typically used in bars and restaurants, but it’s also an option for home use, albeit a less cost-effective one. It involves introducing inert gas, such as argon, into the bottle. This gas is denser than oxygen, forming a protective layer that expels oxygen and safeguards the wine. Coravin is the most well-known brand, and it features a device that inserts a fine needle through the cork of a bottle to extract wine without removing the cork. It then replaces the space with inert gas. This system undoubtedly allows the life of an “opened” wine to be extended for up to three months, at least according to the brand’s suggestion.   

  • Stopper for sparkling wines 

Unfortunately, the methods mentioned above do not work for sparkling wines. For instance, an air extractor pump would remove the bubbles from the wine, leaving it flat. If you want to enjoy a glass of sparkling wine without finishing the whole bottle, your best option is to use a Champagne stopper. They are affordable and can preserve the bubbles of your sparkling wine for up to 5 days. Also, consider keeping your sparkling wines in a dark place, as they are much more sensitive to light than still wines and may change color as well as taste. 

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