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Concha y Toro 24/10/2023

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Casillero del Diablo surprises with its audacious proposal for young adults: Devil's Carnaval


The second most powerful wine brand in the world, has already launched this new line for young people in Chile and Brazil. China and other Latin American countries are coming.

Viña Concha y Toro’s leading brand, Casillero del Diablo, made its boldest bet in decades. It is Devil’s Carnaval, a proposal with which it aspires to expand the market to a younger adult public.

At the end of September, it was launched in Chile and this week it made its international debut in the Brazilian market. With an innovative staging and in front of more than 150 customers, distributors, journalists and influencers, Casillero del Diablo revealed all the offerings of this Devil’s Carnaval: Phenomenal Sauvignon, Spectacular Cabernet, Fabulous Red and Fantastic Sweet.

This new launch aims to attract younger consumers who are currently not closely associated with wine. Thus, the traditional portfolio is complemented by an innovative product line inspired by the spirit of celebration, incorporating vibrant colors and a joyful attitude towards the world of wine.

“The reception has been very positive in Chile in the few weeks it has been on the market, and now in Brazil we have seen promising interest”, says Sebastián Aguirre, Casillero del Diablo’s marketing manager. The idea, he explained, is to replicate this in other relevant markets in the short term.

The expectations of the brand and the company are ambitious. “We want this line to become a new growth engine for our brand“, explains Cristóbal Goycoolea, Viña Concha y Toro’s corporate marketing manager.

To meet this objective, there is not only a different proposal in its label, but also in terms of the message and the product. “There is always a reason to celebrate, and these wines were created precisely for those moments. It’s not necessary to have a formal, elegant event or complicated pairings to enjoy wine. Casillero del Diablo Devil’s Carnaval fits perfectly with its versatile and entertaining proposals, targeting a young audience aged between 21 and 35, for whom the classic category of wine can be complex”, says Sebastián Aguirre.

After being launched in Chile and Brazil, Casillero del Diablo Devil’s Carnaval will take the celebrations to China and Mexico.

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