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Concha y Toro 10/07/2023

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Great visit of Brazilian journalist to Concha y Toro


Wine journalist Regis Gehlen visited the Pirque facilities to taste two great examples of the 2020 vintages from the Puente Alto D.O. Puente Alto: Don Melchor and Marques de Casa Concha Heritage.

To deepen his knowledge of the acclaimed Puente Alto appellation, Brazilian wine journalist Regis Gehlen met in Pirque with Sergio Hormazábal, Viña Don Melchor’s winemaker, and Massimo Leonori, Concha y Toro’s head sommelier.

Regis tasted two great Concha y Toro 2020 vintages from the Puente Alto DO: the iconic Don Melchor and one of the latest innovations, Marques de Casa Concha Heritage.

” Everyone’s reception was excellent, the wine presentation format was enlightening, and I liked both wines very much. I tasted Heritage a few months ago, and I must confess that it had not caught my attention as much as it did during the tasting. It showed me that it is a wine with room to evolve”, commented Regis.

Before the end of his visit, Regis interviewed Sergio Hormazábal to learn more about the iconic Don Melchor, its history, and its acclaimed origin, Puente Alto. Check out the full interview here.

Regis currently works for “Jornal Vinho&Cia” of the ConVisão channel, Cg10 Canal Gourmet, and is part of the Best Wines contest committee.

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