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Concha y Toro 03/05/2022

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Pirque Estate receives award for its commitment to biodiversity


Syngenta highlighted the Operation Pollinator project in the “Commitment to biodiversity in agriculture” category.
In April,  Concha y Toro once again received an award from Syngenta for its Operation Pollinator project at the Pirque Estate located in Chile’s Maipo Valley, which recognizes the value of biodiversity and its importance in the fight against climate change.
The Operation Pollinator project involves the implementation of pollinator corridors that promote pollination, aiding pollinating insects, particularly the Chilean bumble bee (Bombus dahlbomii). The Chilean bumble bee is essential for the country’s flora. Although its population has decreased considerably, one of the goals of the Operation Pollinator project is to conserve this species in order for it to continue its important work.