Concha y Toro

Concha y Toro 29/03/2023

CyT News

Wine Enthusiast journalist participates in exclusive Concha y Toro wine tasting


This past Monday, we welcomed Jesica Vargas, an Argentinean journalist in charge of tasting wines from South America and South Africa, for Wine Enthusiast 

Jesica Vargas visited our Tourist Center in Pirque to experience first-hand the best expression of Puente Alto, Limari, Peumo, and Maipo. 

Our Estate Home was the site of a full wine tasting at the hands of our winemakers, Marcelo Papa and Marcio Ramírez, where the journalist had the opportunity to taste different vintages of some of our icon wines, like Amelia Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, Terrunyo Carmenere and Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmín de Peumo, Marques de Casa Concha Cabernet Sauvignon, and Marques de Casa Concha Heritage.

Jesica Vargas worked with several vineyards and wine-related businesses in Mendoza, Argentina, before moving to the United States in 2019. That is when she started her blog, Andes Uncorked, to share the stories of winemakers and provide educational content on wine and terroir.