Concha y Toro


“I believe in the originality and strength of New World wines, in their carefree spirit and charming personality. The goal of my work is to convey these sensations in each bottle of the wines I am in charge of".

He holds a Degree in Oenology from the University of Chile, and joined the Frontera winemaking team in mid-2008, leaving his signature touch on each of the Frontera wines.

Today he is the lead winemaker for Chimbarongo, one of the largest wineries in the Southern Cone, where he delivers sympathy, professionalism and some “crazy” notes to the wines. These are the masterful touches that have consolidated Frontera as the most widely sold Chilean wine in the world.

Brands responsible

Frontera offers daily moments of delight, bringing the experience of enjoying a good wine to millions of consumers worldwide.

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