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Francisca Jara 28/04/2022


4 Influencers in Mindful Eating that you should follow now


For those unfamiliar with this concept, mindful eating is the experience of paying full attention to eating. Coming from mindfulness, the practice of maintaining full attention in the present without judging it, mindful eating moves it to nutrition by answering the question: What are the aromas, flavours, the atmosphere that surrounds us, our thoughts and emotions before, during and after our meals?

Although the new generations are more connected with their diet, a large part of the world’s population mains lifestyles focused on efficiency and production, leading them to disconnect with their emotions and their body. So, this form of nutrition proposes to attend and connect with the signals of the organism. Proposes to return to eating intuitively, not because it is “time to eat” or because “the aroma of freshly baked bread came to me”. The idea is to listen again when the body shows us the sensations of hunger and satiety.

That said, we cannot ignore another perspective of this type of diet, that is to be in charge of the type of food that we give to our body. Ultimately, the food we choose is the energy we give to the 30 trillion cells that we are made of. Opting for good quality, live food, free of chemicals and pesticides (that is, organic), produced in a sustainable and regenerative way, is another growing trend that goes completely hand in hand with the concept of mindful eating. The idea is to attend to the signals that our body gives us when it is low on energy, offering it good quality nutrients to keep us active, enjoying the here and now.

If you want to delve deeper into these concepts, learn from workshops, books or simply seek inspiration to get started in this lifestyle, I invite you to pour yourself a glass of Gran Reserva Sauvignon Blanc 2020 (a wine that seeks to protect biodiversity and natural resources through of commitments such as the use of renewable energies, GREEN-E® ENERGY) and to browse these entertaining Instagram accounts.


Ph: De la Raíz al Plato

Antonia is a self-taught cook and author of the books La Mesa, Cocina Natural and Reina Palta (with illustrated vegetarian recipes), who is dedicated to teaching conscious and ecological cooking classes. On her Instagram account she shares many of the recipes that she creates in her own kitchen, using products that she grows in her own garden or organic. The recipes are sweet and savoury, using seasonal produce and others sourced from stores that she recommends, so this account serves as a shopping guide too. In addition, by the way, to the batch cooking classes where she teaches you methods to organize yourself to eat healthy throughout the week, or her Instagram lives. An account where the aesthetics of photography is another bonus.


Ph: Marias Felices

Marías Felices is a conscious eating school focused on self-knowledge and self-care, located in Santiago de Chile and created by María José Silva. She is a Certified Raw Food Chef at Matthew Kenney Academy, and the teacher at this school who runs plant-based cooking workshops (online and in-person) such as Nutritious Gluten-Free Cooking, Raw Desserts in a Short Time, Anti-Inflammatory Cooking, or 7-day programs as Conscious Dawns. The idea of ​​all of them is to contribute to the re-education of people to improve their quality of life through a change in their diet. Making your own vegetable milks, seed sprouts and an infinite variety of recipes are what you can learn from this nutritious Instagram account. Marías Felices also runs retreats in incredible locations in the south of Chile.


Ph: Eve Kalinik

Eve is a nutritional therapist and authority on gut health, dedicated to helping people find a healthier, happier and more balanced state of mind and body. Also, the author of the book Happy Gut, Happy Mind, in this account she shares delicious preparations, plus information about the activities she performs such as The Wellness Breakdown podcast. If you are interested in her work, she offers private sessions as well as brand consultancies for product development.


Ph: Life Kitchens

Also a Certified Raw Food Chef from the Matthew Kenney Acadamy, Lore Salas has a sweet tooth. Her thing are pastries, and in her account she promotes access to desserts, but without guilt. Using plant-based ingredients and no refined sugar, the chef shares recipes to make Almond Ricotta, Vegan Nutella or Aguafaba Meringue, among many other creative preparations. Her invitation is to end cravings, but also feeding our soul.

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