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Concha y Toro 22/08/2023

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Concha y Toro at Premium Tasting Santiago's latest edition


Our Ultra Premium brands, Terrunyo and Amelia, participated in South America’s most key wine education event, introducing our latest 2021 vintages in seminars and main Tasting.

A new “Premium Tasting Santiago” edition was held last Thursday and Friday—an event considered paramount in wine education for South America. Concha y Toro joined in with a seminar titled “Sense of Place,” led by the renowned Chilean sommelier Hector Riquelme, who also directed the Main Tasting with over 350 people attending.

During the seminar led by Riquelme, we presented our wine from the Peumo Appellation of Origin: Terrunyo Carmenere. Marcio Ramírez – winemaker of our winery’s Carmenere wines, including Carmín de Peumo – shared all the characteristics that make its 2021 vintage a world-class wine with the attendees.

“Terrunyo is very much in line with the theme “Sense of Place” as Terrunyo Carmenere is Peumo and Peumo is Terrunyo Carmenere; that’s why the presentation was very fitting for the moment and was very well acknowledged by the attending public,” said Marcio Ramírez.

The specialized critic of Vinous, Joaquín Hidalgo, Ana María Barahona (editor of La Cav), and Héctor Riquelme moderated the Main Tasting.

On this occasion, our winemaker and Technical Director, Marcelo Papa, presented the 2021 vintage of Amelia Chardonnay from the renowned Limarí DO, one of the best terroirs for high-end Chardonnay production. “The wine was very well received, and we could share some details of its production and winemaking process with the attendees. In addition, there were two selected Chardonnays from the Limarí Valley, and one of them was our Amelia,” he says.

The Premium Tasting is one of the most awaited events by wine lovers because they can taste wines of outstanding categories and pair them with exceptional gastronomic preparations.

“The event has an excellent organization and service. The selection of wines is exciting, so it is highly recommended for wine lovers,” said Papa.

It should be noted that this event was launched in 2011, and it is celebrated not only in Chile but throughout Latin America with the presentation of wines produced in the host country.

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