Concha y Toro

Concha y Toro 31/01/2024

CyT News

Mexican writer specialized in luxury recently visited Concha y Toro


We’re thrilled to announce that one of the most prominent figures in the world of wine and luxury living in Mexico, Deby Beard, recently visited our Casona located in Pirque. Her visit was a major success, and we’re delighted to share some details with you. 

While visiting Viña Concha y Toro, Deby and her daughters, Mélanie and Alexis, enjoyed two luxurious experiences offered by Viña Concha y Toro 

They had the opportunity to taste three parcels from the Don Melchor vineyard and their respective blend, as well as the 35th vintage of Puente Alto’s iconic Cabernet Sauvignon, Don Melchor 2021. They were accompanied by the CEO, Technical Director, and winemaker of Viña Don Melchor, Enrique Tirado. This visit was covered by a Mexican writer and luxury expert. 

Deby then experienced the Cellar Collection, which provides a complete wine tasting from the Luxury Brands portfolio. During her visit, Deby explored our wines and appellations of origin. 

Isabel Guilisasti, who was also present, commented: “I have known Deby for many years and have always been impressed by her tremendous energy, passion, and vast knowledge of the latest trends in the luxury industry worldwide. Her experiences and travels have made her an industry reference. I greatly admire her, and it was a pleasure to receive her and her two daughters and exchange visions and trends.” 

Deby Beard is a well-known ambassador of wine culture in Mexico, and a renowned blogger and radio host who has collaborated with major media outlets and authored several excellent books.