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Concha y Toro 15/10/2020


Podcasts for wine lovers


With the trend of social media and in our favour there has been an explosive increase in podcasts available on the web. We are talking about those audios, the perfect way to take your eyes off the screen and take advantage of entertaining or learning about a topic. Here, we recommend you five online wine conversations for all types of drinkers.

  • Wine Enthusiast

This biweekly podcast from the renowned North American magazine Wine Enthusiast, reviews topics related to the world of wine, but also about beer and spirits. Presented and reported by its editors, they explore different aspects of the wine throughout interviews or focusing the audio show on specific topics or trends, such as the “Volcanic Wines” or “Old Vine and New World” chapters. Each episode lasts around 40 minutes, and they are available on Spotify, iTunes and Google Play, where there are more than 70 podcasts to listen to (in English).

  •  SOMM Tv Podcast

Hosted by the director of the SOMM film trilogy, Jason Wise, its slogan ensures that “it’s a simple podcast, about everything”. Conversations about wine, food and life itself, are the main focus of this audio that sometimes relates wine to topics such as movies, marriage, family, until the sommelier’s world. Many times, its chapters also include the participation of interesting guest. There are 35 episodes that last from 20 minutes to and hour and a half, available on Spotify and iTunes.


  • Wine Blast

This podcast comes from an interesting duo: the married Master Sommeliers Peter Richards and Susie Barrie, who promise to “bring wine to life with a smile”. And they do it! With engaging and provocative conversations about travel, food and general drinking tips, this podcast is highly informative regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert drinker. In addition, it is possible to send your questions by audio (through their site ) which they answer in each episode. An entertaining live show to listen and why not while drinking a glass of Terrunyo Carmenere 2018. Each podcast lasts around 30 minutes and is available on the Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play (in English).


  • The Right Wine

This podcast is hosted by Diego de la Peña and Mauricio León, two Mexican sommeliers who weekly meet to drink wine and talk about it on topics raging from music to more specific ones about the world of wine. But with a simple language. Episodes such as “Wine defects”, “What makes a good vintage” or interviews to important personalities such as the prominent wine critic Jancis Robinson, are some of the audios available on Spotify, iTunes and Google Play. Each audio lasts about an hour, but there are also shorter chapters called “Half bottle”. Yes, these Mexicans approach wine with a good sense of humour (in Spanish).

  • La Cav IGTV

From its Instagram account, the Chilean wine club LA CAV has carried out a series of “Live Wine Tastings” that are available on its IGTV. Led by the specialized journalists and editors of their magazine, Ana Maria Barahona and Alejandro Jimenez, in each broadcast one of them interviews winemakers from different Chilean wineries. This is how they taste a selection of wines at the same time that some interesting conversations take place like the one with Marcelo Papa, the winemaker and technical director of Concha y Toro, where they revealed some unknown details of wines such as Amelia Chardonnay and Amelia Pinot Noir. All the live videos are available on their Instagram @la.cav (in Spanish)