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Francisca Jara 17/10/2022

Wine pairings

4 foolproof food pairings for red blends


For decades, red blends have been selected as the default wine to accompany main dishes based on beef, game meats or lamb served with intense sauces. But is that all? What about those lighter red blends or vegetarian dishes? We tell you about it with the following 4 pairings.

Although there are some bottles that clearly express that the wine is a blend, there are also many “single variety” wines that include a touch of other wines. It is very likely that you could be drinking a mixture without knowing it.

Most wines are blends. Adding a touch of other varieties to 80% Cabernet Sauvignon, for example, could enhance the final expression of the wine. The winemaker is sort of a chef who chooses seasonings to finish the dish. Adding small doses of other wine varieties can improve the colour, aroma, body and texture of a wine, adding complexity and elegance. Here’s how you can enjoy these delicious red blends without going wrong.

Braised Lamb Shank with mint sauce and rustic potatoes

One of the meats that never fails with powerful red blends, such as Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon, since it also has 9% Malbec, 2% Cabernet Franc and 1% Syrah, is lamb. This recipe, flavoured with rosemary, black pepper and garlic, and accompanied by roasted potatoes with a crispy crust, is a win. The wine will help cleanse the palate of fat, while complementing the mint sauce. 

Mozzarella and serrano ham pizza

Bordeaux blends made from Merlot and Carmenère such as Trio Merlot, Carmenère, Malbec are much more friendly. Their velvety tannins, juiciness and light body allow them to match leaner meat dishes or more delicate flavours such as a risotto, a pasta or a delicious and simple Pizza with Mozzarella cheese and Serrano Ham or Prosciutto.

Pulled pork sandwich with BBQ sauce

A more informal option, but no less tasty, is the Pulled Pork Sandwich with BBQ sauce. Ideal to pair with relatively medium-bodied red wines with a fresh fruit flavour such as Gravas Cabernet Sauvignon, which obtains smoothness thanks to the addition of Merlot and the herbal notes given by the Cabernet Franc.

Black bean Cheeseburger

For vegetarians or for those who want to give their body a break by opting for vegetable proteins, legume-based burgers are an excellent alternative to pair with voluptuous wines. Thanks to its succulence and texture, which can be exacerbated if we add cheese, caramelized onion, sautéed mushrooms and fresh tomato, a wine like Marques de Casa Concha Black Label will also be a great pairing. This blend of 73% cabernet sauvignon, 17% cabernet franc and 10% petit verdot, where the cabernet franc delivers a note of rusticity, the petit verdot floral flavours and a good quote of acidity, is another blend that you should try. We suggest decantation – it will feel lighter on the palate.