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Francisca Jara 04/05/2023

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Sauvignon Blanc's main regions around the world


Sauvignon Blanc grows in many regions across the globe, but the ones we present to you next offer wines of exceptional quality.

Sauvignon Blanc is one of the most important and consumed white varieties in the world, and is characterized by giving distinctive wines with herbaceous aromas, highly refreshing acidity and medium body.

Although Sauvignon Blanc originates from France, where this wine grape has been cultivated for at least 500 years, it is also produced in many cold and moderate climate areas around the world. Depending on its origin, it will offer different aromatic profiles. In any case, their wines are characterized by herbaceous aromas such as grass, green peppers and asparagus, but also floral. Then, depending on its level of ripeness, you can find everything from apple aromas to tropical fruits such as pineapple or passion fruit.

Unlike Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc is not usually aged in wood (of course there are always exceptions) because what is sought is to highlight its aromas and make them wines to be consumed young. Of its main producers around the world, we recommend 3 regions that you must try.

Loire (France)

Famous for some of the most classic expressions of Sauvignon Blanc, in the Loire Valley this variety is the only one allowed in the famous Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumè appellations, whose cold climate allows it to produce dry, crisp wines with aromas of green fruits such as apple with herbaceous notes. While the wines from Sancerre are citrusy and stand out for their aromas of freshly cut grass, those from Pouilly-Fumè have more volume on the palate, are slightly less vibrant and stand out for their distinctive gunflint aroma.

Casablanca (Chile)

In the case of Chile, the most interesting Sauvignon Blancs are those that come from sectors with a coastal influence such as the San Antonio, Leyda and Casablanca valleys. From areas the Sauvignon Blanc is elegant, fresh, juicy and vibrant. In the case of Casablanca Valley, it is worth trying Terrunyo Sauvignon Blanc 2021, an ideal wine for an aperitif with a pleasant combination of currants, lime, white flowers, asparagus, limestone, marine and salty notes given by the 18 km that separate this vineyard to the Pacific Ocean.

Marlborough (New Zealand)

In this country, Sauvignon Blanc was introduced in the 70s, and since then it has become the most widely planted variety given its ideal climatic conditions. The most popular denomination of origin for this variety is the Marlborough Valley, whose wines are characterized by their pronounced aromas of lemon, peach, passion fruit, also with some green peppers and notes of asparagus or jalapeños.

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